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Designing Online Advertising Efforts Around Your Strengths

Even in the same industry, no two businesses will ever be exactly the same. Individual ideas and flair will always create a gap between competitors, and it’s in knowing and leveraging these gaps that a business can set itself apart. Rarely is this concept so important as it is in advertising, as a business invests in personalised efforts to illustrate why it should be a customer’s destination of choice. Understand your strengths, learn how to use them to your advantage in the advertising landscape, and your hard work will go that much further.


Covering the Spread

Before you start to emphasise a specific type of advertising, you’re going to need to understand that while one major area is going to be your focus, you also need to ensure at least a base level of coverage across the minimum standard. To be more specific, every modern website needs to have a presence on Google and Facebook as a starting position, as well as on general industry-focussed websites.

In terms of Google coverage, this is especially key when your business operates from some sort of physical location. This location should be viewable through Google search and, increasingly as importantly, Google Maps. As more people rely on voice control and GPS systems, Google Maps will draw customers towards you as they simply travel around. Adding your business to these systems is free, requiring little more than heading to the official Google website and claiming your business and maps profile.


Facebook is a little different in that while it can act as your most central effort, it will also require some simple coverage if you choose to set your sights elsewhere. Those who choose to take the basic route can settle with a simple set of links to central advertising sites, alongside basic business information such as your logo, operating hours, and location.

Outside of these two big names, businesses also need to take into account the smaller online services like comparison websites that inevitably appear with every successful industry. For an example of this idea, consider the sites that appear for reliable web casino (เว็บคาสิโน เชื่อถือได้) services. In this instance, these websites compare specials like welcome bonuses, deposit matches, and overall ratings, but they’re also highly varied based on the involved business. Simply perform a Google search for your type of business in your area, and you should find websites like these which would happy to include your name among their offerings.

Leaning into the Specifics

Once you have the basics down, a central effort is going to depend on your form of business and the products or services you offer. For more direct illustrations, we’ll use examples from several different industries which demonstrate how these standouts focus, and what makes each of these efforts succeed.

Businesses which focus primarily on visual components will be best suited to social media websites such as Instagram. Using these apps is a simple and effective way to show new stock, demonstrate work in progress, and otherwise update customers on your current standing and what they can expect. The fashion industry integrates especially well for this reason, with names like Vivienne Westwood using Instagram to feature their new lines and designs.


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Playing the other major side of this equation are those businesses which put more emphasis on spot sales and quick turnarounds. If this sounds like you, then Twitter could be a good choice as it is for businesses like ASDA, since Twitter is a system built around small information dumps and quips. This quippy nature brings up the final potential main focus, to go back to relying on Facebook, but in more than just a general sense.

With 2.9 billion monthly active users in April of 2022, the reach of Facebook is not to be underestimated. Just as importantly, Facebook has fostered its business as a system of cooperation and engagement. To this end, if your business relies on the constant back and forth between customers, or real community engagement with humour, building and maintaining this type of presence could be the best way forward. Coca-Cola is a standout in this regard, reaching over 100 million fans with advertising efforts that blend a casual attitude with a professional approach.

Whatever route or routes you choose to take with your advertising focus, understand that the best results are the results of hard work over time. Customers will often scroll to see how long you’ve paid attention to each platform, so having a backlog to show off encourages enthusiasm and confidence in your brand. While this approach might seem intimidating at first, the tools and environments have evolved to a point where teething pains are minimal, and even the most technophobic should have no trouble after just a few weeks. Set your sights on the right target, and you might be surprised how easy this all becomes.