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Video Games as a Separate Art Form Around the World


The Different Culture Of Video Games From Around The World

Different Culture

Video games are an art form that was recognized in 2011 in the United States This decision was made by the U.S. government and the National Endowment. After that software developers get access to government grants. Computer games are a separate type of art from movies, painting, theater, and many others. Software providers received excellent support for conceptual projects. This way gamers can combine their hobby with a useful pastime and get acquainted with art. Check out a review of the best games. There are different Aussie online casinos where you can choose video game-based slots.



There are games that are not at all memorable, and then there are developments that impress with their design and the work of the screenwriters. In 2001 the wonderful game Bioshock came out, which had the best set of qualities:

  • Impressive work of the artists;
  • excellent sound effects;
  • interesting gameplay;
  • memorable story;
  • quality gameplay.

This set of advantages can often be found in modern games. In the course of the game, the gamer meets different people who have rotten souls. There is also a type of drug that provides superhuman abilities.

The protagonist Jack finds himself in the town of Rapture. It is a native of the city of utopia. The artists in this game did a great job. Many gamers have been through the game more than once.

Bioshock infinite

BioShock Infinite is a game with the perfect imagination of the authors, that manages to create a perfect story. The thrilling story shows gamers vivid characters and sharp plot twists. The game implements the idea of a city in the sky. One can believe in the existence of such a city from the first minute of the game.

All the details are carefully thought out here. The plot is very interesting. The main character Booker DeWitt goes to the flying city looking for a girl named Elizabeth, who is magical. You could say there’s a bit of a revamped plot here – rescuing a princess from a dragon. It is not a bad horror story by any means.


Cuphead is a primitive and popular shooter. Gamers can appreciate the standard set of the game – jump, shoot, run. Cuphead is based almost entirely on the classic action set. If you compare it to modern video games, you can feel a certain nostalgia here. The game surprises gamers not only with the original setting.

The characters are unusual – with big eyes, white gloves, and vintage clothing. The style is reminiscent of cartoon characters by Disney or Warner Bros. Virtually every object becomes lifelike if its eyes are demoted.

The music is pleasant – light jazz. The visual design is also impressive. The artists were perfectly able to convey the cartoon-like atmosphere of the thirties. Here you can observe a huge number of different scenery. Nothing in the game is repetitive. There are three game worlds that are completely unique. With the advantages you can highlight:

  • the style of the early Disney cartoons;
  • excellent work by the artists;
  • unique content.

Everything in the game is harmonious and beautiful, so it is definitely worth trying to play.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a game where a little life happens. In this virtual world, you can do absolutely everything. A world where you can become an outlaw, an assassin, a thief or a rescuer of the whole world from evil. The developers of this game, Bethesda Softworks, have created a great compelling setting. If you like role-playing games, try playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Initially, the gamer chooses the gender, race and appearance of their character. The hero is taken to the execution, along with some incomprehensible goons. In the end, his name is not on the lists. A fire-breathing dragon also appears here. Games on this theme are often found in various online casinos. For example, casino online Cyprus.

The Witcher 3:wild hunt

This is a famous, iconic game that is based by Andrzej Sapkowski. He is a famous Polish writer who is known for long plots and beautiful views. The player must complete quests and interact with other characters. Here, his every decision will have an impact on the final outcome of the game.

In the game, there are witches who have been taught from an early age to do minor mutations. They can awaken non-human abilities in themselves. The main character, Geralt from Rivia, is constantly fighting evil and monsters.

ORI and the blind forest

A well-known project is made by the company Moon Studios. The game is full of puzzles. Events unfold in the magical forest of Gibel, where a cataclysm happens. Subsequently, all living creatures begin to perish. The Spirit Tree is the main source of the entire forest, which supplies it with energy. Thus it gives all of its power to the little creature Ori. Such a decision is quite reasonable – there is hope that he can save the forest.

The game has a fascinating plot that draws you in from the first minute. There is a beautiful and attractive world, with excellent music accompaniment. This advantage was taken care of by the composer Gareth Coker. He has written music that stays in his memory for a long time.

The Last Guardian

Video games in the style of videos with animals are always popular. There are different animals – kittens, puppies, parrots and many others. Since ancient times, people have lived in harmony with nature and animals. In The Last Guardian, the idea is conveyed in this particular theme.

A boy tries to overcome the ruins of an ancient castle to get out of it. On the way he meets a creature that resembles a vulture. The enmity between them gradually turns into a trusting and friendly relationship. They have to go through different puzzles to get out of the traps. The graphics, design, story and music are excellent.

Gamers who choose different games can confirm that this is really a certain kind of art. There is a lot of work done by employees of different specialties and almost everything is related to creativity – from the screenwriter to the musical direction. All branches of the arts are perfectly displayed. Choose the best video games to enjoy the gameplay.