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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump’s Family

20. The Trump Dynasty

Image: CNN

Despite what you may think of Donald Trump as president, you can’t deny that he’s built quite the business empire with his family. From multiple resorts to casinos, the Trump name can be seen everywhere. And at the center of it all? His children. And while you may think you know everything about them, we have some facts you might find quite interesting.


19. Donald Trump Jr.’s Childhood

Image: Liberal America

Donald Trump Jr. is the eldest son of President Trump and was primarily raised by two Irish nannies, Dorothy and Bridget. We have to admit we’re not surprised since Trump seems like he has a hands-off parenting style. However, that is not the case with Trump Jr., who is married and has FIVE kids. It seems the Trump men love to reproduce.

18. Donald Trump Jr.’s Education

Image: Death and Taxes

Trump Jr. attended the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a degree in Economics from the Wharton School before joining the family business. One fun fact: he was known to be a huge party goer and drinker at school, but once he left college he gave up drinking to pursue business.

17. Love for Hunting

Image: Live Outdoors

Donald Trump Jr. is an avid hunter and spends many hunting trips with his younger brother Eric. One controversial kill was a leopard; however, he claims a local village reaped the rewards of the bounty, enjoying the meat. Yeah, we call bogus on that one.

16. Gay Marriage Supporter

Image: Political Cult

Despite being a Republican, Trump Jr. is a vocal supporter of gay marriage. Of course, many of his father’s voters were disgusted by the stance, but even President Trump has been vocal regarding his support for the LGBTQ community. It certainly is an interesting position to be in as a conservative.

15. Thank Dad for His Matchmaking Skills

Image: UPI

According to sources, Donald Trump introduced his son to his now wife, Vanessa, after seeing her on the runway at a fashion show. Kind of creepy when you think about it, especially since Trump’s treatment of women has always been suspect. Things must be going great with them though because they have two daughters and three sons together.

14. Barron Trump

Image: Hello Magazine

Barron is Trump’s most recent child with his current wife, and now First Lady, Melania Trump. He is currently 11 and attending school in New York, though he will join his father in the White House when school concludes in the late spring.

13. High Standards for Eleven

Image: am New York

Melania has stated on the record that Barron has quite the posh standards, refusing any type of childish patterns on his sheets or in his bedroom’s décor. He insists on clean, white linens and towels at all times. On top of that, Barron has an entire floor of Trump Tower all to himself and has even fired one of his nannies. Now, he remains self-sufficient most of the time.

12. Like Father, Like Son

Image: The Mercury News

According to his mother, Melania, Barron Trump’s favorite clothing to wear is a suit and tie, just like his father. We expect he will be joining the family business in no time. President Trump must be so proud of his son following in his footsteps.

11. Introducing Ivanka Trump

Image: CNN

Ivanka is Donald Trump’s second child and also his favorite, according to inside sources. She currently runs her own clothing line and is married to Jared Kushner. The couple have three children together.

10. Ivanka Converted to Judaism

Image: In Style

Although she was raised Christian, Ivanka converted to Judaism in order to marry her husband. However, the children celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas with both families. Talk about having the best of both worlds.

9. Teen Model Beginnings

Image: Gossip, Trend, Lifestyle

One interesting thing about Ivanka Trump is she used to be a model for Elle and Glamour magazines. No wonder her personal fashion line is doing so well. Sorry, Nordstrom, you’re competing with years of experience and Ivanka knows how to push product.

8. Shocking Net Worth

Image: Haaretz

While it should come as NO surprise that Ivanka Trump is loaded (her father is a billionaire, after all), we have to admit we were slightly shocked when we discovered she was worth over $150 million. Ivanka is the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, so we’re guessing that comes with quite the salary.

7. Responsible for President Trump


Many people like to point fingers as to why Donald Trump became president of the United States; however, they’ve been looking in the wrong places. The truth is that it was Ivanka who encouraged her father to run for president in the first place. Thus, making dreams come true for the conservative base and sending liberals into a political frenzy.

6. Eric Trump

Image: Fox News

Eric Trump is Donald’s third child with his first wife Ivana, and a successful businessman who works as an executive within the Trump Organization. He has now taken on the role of trustee, along with his brother Donald Jr., while Donald Sr. remains president.

5. The Eric Trump Foundation

Image: Road Scholar

Eric started the Eric Trump Foundation with the goal of raising money for terminally ill children, as well as cancer patients at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Since 2006, the foundation has donated over $16.3 million to the hospital.

4. Trophy Hunting Controversy

Image: Huffington Post

Eric Trump has come under fire from PETA on more than one occasion due to his love for trophy hunting in Africa. Reports indicated that he had hunted illegally in Zimbabwe; however, the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority stated that the accusations were false.

3. Tiffany Trump

Image: Today

One of the least talked about of the Trump children is poor Tiffany Trump, the only child Donald Sr. had with his ex-wife Marla Maples. Tiffany was raised in California, away from her father and the family business, making her somewhat of an outcast.

2. Republican National Convention

Image: Kansas City Star

The world was first introduced to Tiffany at the Republican National Convention in July of 2016 when she began to appear at public forums with her family. Previously she had only attended the debates but at the convention, she gave a powerful speech about her father.

1. Black Sheep of the Family

Image: FullRedneck

One thing Tiffany has going for her is that she’s never been surrounded by controversy. She attended college for fashion design and hasn’t shown much of an interest in joining the family business. Many believe Donald Trump doesn’t bring Tiffany up much due to the volatile divorce he had with Marla and the fact that Marla took physical custody, moving Tiffany across the country.