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The Unforgettable Rare Moments in History

Over the last century, photography has changed the way we view the world. While we can tell stories of ancient wars and people, we have little more than paintings or words to describe just what occurred. Fortunately, as photography became more and more prevalent, the moments in the last few decades, especially, have been saved forever. On top of that, the rise of the internet made it so that those photographs could be shared with the world. Many told the stories behind the pictures, while others had to dig and figure out just what was going on for context. Following are 20 of the most memorable moments in our history. The pictures aren’t the only things that are important here, the time period is as well. Each photo will send you straight to that particular period of time and remind you, or make you think about, what life was like for the individuals captured in time. Enjoy!

Raquel Welch on Gilligan’s Island?


While Raquel Welch didn’t land the role as Mary Anne on the classic Gilligan’s Island, this rare photo may give us some evidence as to the reasoning behind that choice. While Welch was a fantastic actress, Mary Anne was supposed to be the girl next door and Ginger would be the sex symbol. That would have been a tough balance with Welch playing the role of Mary Anne.