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These Kayakers Came Across A Century-Old Ghost Ship

20. Not Your Average Discovery

For a couple of thrill-seeking kayakers, the word adventure was going to take on a whole new meaning. A group of friends decided to go in search of an old mysterious ship that had been abandoned for years, but they had no idea what they were about to uncover. This boat has a history that will keep surprising you as it unfolds…


19. America’s History

American history is full of incredible innovation and technological advances and has seen many dark days that are connected to war. It is that same history however that has now left mysterious and abandoned sights like the ghost ship this group of kayakers was in search for. It began on the Ohio River where the group spent the afternoon slowly creeping through the river banks in hopes of spotting the ship they had heard of. All of a sudden they spotted it; an old, worn down, and enormous ship that gave an eerie feeling at just a glance. They started to wonder why the ship had been destined for such a lonely fate…

18. A Century Old

The ship is nearly a century old and when the kayakers got closer they started to notice more about it, and it started to feel a little ghostly… After all, they were about 25 miles outside of the city, floating down the river in search of an abandoned ship rumored to be haunted. It was a little too close to the beginning of a scary movie, but nonetheless, they pushed forward, documenting the entire adventure…

17. James Mallot

James Malott, an avid adventure seeker, knew he had to be apart of the group in search of the ship. He had heard rumors about the ghost ship and how it had now been run aground; knowing that he was intrigued to find out more, he set out with the group. But what he found raised more questions than answers…

16. The Trip

Malott gathered some of his most adventurous friends and went in search of the ship. They realized it wasn’t going to be an easy endeavor, as it involved a hike and a ride down the river. Nothing could stop them from seeing this mystery up close.

15. Worth It

When they got there they realized it was totally worth the trip. It was just as scary as all the rumors said it was; as you can see everything looks as if it could be a prop on a horror movie set. The ship itself laid undisturbed for more than 30 years…

14. The View

It can only be seen in detail up close by those who dare track it down and enter it. For the less adventurous, sometimes a glimpse of it can be seen from the road above. However, anyone that has been there, knows it’s a completely different scene from the road and from the inside. The real question is, how many know the story behind this mysterious ship?…

13. The Story

The story behind this ship starts in 1902 in Wilmington, Delaware, when Pusey and Jones built the vessel and named it the Celt. J. Rogers Maxwell, a man who made his wealth of the railroad industry enlisted it as a massive luxury yacht. The 186-foot yacht served as a yacht for 15 years.

12. The Celt

In 1917, the US entered the first World War and the Celt became of use for a much different reason. The Navy was on the lookout for ships that were small but fast enough to outrun the German U-boats, and they had their eyes on the Celt. The once sleepy and luxurious Celt was about to see some action.

11. The Take Over

On July 3rd, 1917 the Navy officially took over the ship, renting it if you will, it from its owners. They renamed the ship USS Sachem and fully equipped it with machine guns and stations for a large crew. It then became a coastal patrol vessel during the war.

10. Famous Passengers

It wasn’t just a warship, however; it also carried some pretty famous people during its life. The most famous person to grace its deck is by far the great inventor, Thomas Edison. When he was in New York Harbor, he spent time as a passenger on the vessel, adding to its famous history.

9. After The War

After the war was over, the vessel had no official use anymore. The ship was returned to its original owner and was then sold to a banker Roland L. Taylor, from Philidelphia. After a while, it was sold to Captain Jacob Martin in 1932. The story doesn’t end there, however…

8. The Depression

By the time Martin had bought the ship, he had gotten it for dirt cheap as America was now in the midst of the Great Depression. Needing to make a little extra cash any way he could, Martin converted the ship into a fishing vessel. He then decided to charge $2 a head for anyone who wanted to board and use it.

7. Fishing

Many people would pay the $2 a head to fish for food for their families, while others went on it for pure enjoyment. Although this was one of the poorest times in America, this blossomed the idea for party fishing boats. Many people actually credit Martin for the idea that is so popular today. The vessel was going to see war again, however…

6. A Second War

When America found itself in the midst of another war, the Navy took back the ship and it went into active duty again in 1942. The Navy once again changed the name of the ship, this time to the USS Phenakite and it went to patrol the waters in Florida.

5. After The War

After the war, the ship was returned to Martin, and he continued to use it as a fishing vessel under the name the Sachem again. Eventually, he sold it to Circle Line, a company that used it for tourist purposes opperating out of New York, showing some of the most interesting sights to see.

4. Years To Come

The ship was used by Circle Line for the next 40 years, carrying tourists all around the city. The ship changed names two more times from the Sightseer to Circle V, which can still be seen on the ship today. The boat was finally retired in the early 1980’s…

3.  Madonna

Although the ship was retired, it was purchased again by in 1986 a Robert Miller, for $7,500. Miller was woking on the boat when a limo pulled up with the managers of the pop-start Madonna, asking him if the singer could use the boat for an upcoming music video. The boat was used in her video for the song “Papa Don’t Preach”.

2. One Last Trip

Finally, the Circle V took one last epic trip to the Great Lakes and through the Missippi River. After the trip, the ship was stored on Miller’s property and it hasn’t moved since. That was in 1986…

1. Just A Ghostly Apperance

The ship isn’t actually haunted, but the dishevelled state it’s in and the remote location give this historic vessel an eerie and creepy vibe. In fact, it’s more a piece of history than anything else, as it has seen two wars, hundreds of thousands of passangers including Thomas Edison, and was owned by a man who pioneered an industry. For those who make the trekk to see it, it’s totally worth it.