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7 Facts About CBD Oil for Dogs


The use of CBD and other hemp-derived products has been on the rise. This is not to say these are new compounds. The compounds have been around for centuries. It may be easy to assume that CBD for pets is simply a wellness trend, but studies indicate it benefits your dog’s health.


It is worth noting that CBD is a cannabis compound without the psychoactive properties associated with cannabis. On the other hand, THC is the psychoactive element of cannabis that alters the state of mind. Therefore, THC is toxic to dogs, while CBD is healthy and helpful.

While CBD obtained from cannabis hemp flowers is suitable for human consumption, only hemp-derived CBD is safe to be consumed by dogs. Many dog owners suggest that CBD can potentially control seizures and treats neuropathic pain. It interacts with the pet’s receptors and assists in maintaining the body’s balance while keeping the animal in a normal healthy state.

This piece unpacks seven facts that any dog parent should know about CBD Oil.

1. CBD Oil Does Not Get Your Dog High

When you hear CBD for dogs, your reaction might be that you can never give weed to your dog. That is fair, and no one can blame you. As a proud dog owner, you want what is best for your dog. Contrary to popular belief, CBD for your pet might not be what you think it is.

You may be hesitant to buy and use CBD products since they come from a cannabis plant. The hesitation is compelling because CBD and marijuana products are still illegal in many countries. So, why should you subject your dog to its use? Well, CBD is on the rise in humans and pets.

As mentioned earlier, the THC component of the cannabis plant is the main compound that causes a high in cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are 113 in total, and only THC has psychoactive effects.

It is worth noting that CBD cannot get your dog high since the dosage usually contains a trace amount of THC, which is insufficient to cause a psychoactive effect in your dog. You can also stick to pure CBD for dogs if you are concerned about trace levels of THC.

2. CBD Oil is Legal in Almost all States

The 2018 farm bill was very impactful in the legalization of CBD products after it removed Hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. CBD is legal in almost all the states except Idaho, Iowa, and South Dakota. However, the law varies from one state to the other. States have rules that dictate what type of CBD is legal and what type is prohibited.

CBD sold in different states must be approved by the FDA. The approval is based on where the CBD is derived and the amount of THC contained in the CBD. The FDA has set certain levels that should be present in CBD. The body dictates any CBD product should not contain more than 0.3% of THC since high levels can lead to psychological effects that are not safe for pets.

3. CBD Oil Is Potentially Helpful to Reduce Dog Stress

Stress can affect your animal as much as it can affect you. Many reasons may cause stress in your dog, including a change in environment or changes in the household, a deviation from their routine, separation from a loved one, being left at home alone, and noises such as thunderstorms.

In other instances, you might have a dog that suffers from hyperactivity. This is usually a result of excess energy and often leads to destructive behavior. Fortunately, CBD might help if your dog is experiencing these stress signs. It has a calming effect on the nerves, potentially promoting relaxation and maintaining an average emotional balance in animals. Animals will cope with external causes of stress or any situation that makes them nervous. Therefore, they can maintain a relaxed and normal disposition.


4. CBD Oil Might be Helpful for Your Dog Mobility


It is usual to notice changes in your dog’s mobility as part of aging. The dog might no longer enjoy the walks like before, or it might struggle to get up the stairs in your home. Many dog owners go for CBD products when they are in such situations.

CBD potentially supports healthy, flexible, and healthy joints and provides connective tissue support. It might help relieve the joint stiffness your dog might be experiencing by supporting bone health and maintaining joint mobility. It is common to hear dog owners with senior dogs say that thanks to CBD, their pets were able to improve their mobility.

5. CBD Oil Is a Wellness Product


Humans take vitamins and other supplements to support their immune systems. Dogs can also benefit from holistic and immune-boosting foods, which is very important, especially in their later years. The foods will make an impact in improving the quality of life of your pet.

CBD supports your dog’s immune system and potentially aids neurological and cardiovascular function. Your dog will, therefore, benefit from long-term health and mental and physical well-being.

6. CBD Oil Is Safe for Your Pet


CBD products are safe for your dog, provided they are derived from the hemp variety of cannabis. Products that are unsafe for your animal are obtained from marijuana cannabis variety. These products contain significant THC traces and can be toxic to your pet.

The side effects caused by CBD are minimal, with many pet owners observing slight lethargy initially. Other side effects may include dry mouth and diarrhea. Watching how your dog behaves when introducing CBD is essential since all dogs are different.

7. CBD Oil Is Potentially Helpful in Dog Pain

Dogs are intelligent at hiding their pain, a trait they get from their canine nature. Whether your dog has recently undergone an operation or is recovering from an injury, CBD is potentially helpful in dealing with the pain. It supports the pet’s normal inflammatory body response, muscle recovery, and cellular activity.

Wrapping Up

These facts make it easy to understand why CBD is taking the world by storm. This holistic option is potentially essential for comfort, healthy immune functioning, and relaxation.

The good news is that your pet is not left behind regarding CBD. Many pet companies are investing heavily in ensuring your pets get the best CBD products for their happiness and health. If you have doubts about CBD’s effects on your dog, it is high time you try these unique products.