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Do You Like Your Therapist?

When you see a medical professional, it’s crucial to feel comfortable, whether that’s a general practitioner or a therapist. The great thing about mental health treatment is that you get to decide which therapy you see. You’re not beholden to one counselor. If you find that your relationship with a therapist is lacking, you can switch providers. It’s not necessarily simple to transition from one therapist to another, but in some instances, it’s worth it. You want to benefit from therapy, and part of that means liking your therapist. Here’s why it’s essential to choose your mental health professional.


Why is it important to like your therapist?

You may be thinking, “do I have to be friends with my therapist?” The answer to that question is “no.” Liking your therapist doesn’t mean you’re friends with them. It means that you feel safe, comfortable, and secure with that person. You like their vibe, and you feel good about sharing your feelings with them. Every therapist is a human being, not just a robot who listens to your feelings. They went into this profession because they want to help people. But, it’s not just about talking to an empathetic individual. It’s essential to feel a genuine connection with your provider.

Connection matters

Human connection is powerful. Think about one of your close friends. You feel a strong relationship with that person. There’s something about them that makes you feel a sense of belonging. Your friend helps you feel understood, validated, and heard. You like that person because they possess qualities that are pleasant. Maybe you enjoy their laugh or want to hear the perspective on life. The same sort of thing goes for a therapist. You need to (on some level) like your therapist. It’s crucial that you value their insight and you feel connected to them. That human connection will help you foster a long-standing relationship with them and provide a safe space for you to be yourself.

What if you don’t connect with your therapist?

One reason you may not connect with your therapist is that you don’t like them. That could be for a variety of reasons. Maybe you don’t like their guidance or find their style unpleasant. Perhaps they make you uncomfortable. Another reason you might not care for your counselor is that they have a tough-love kind, and you need a more kind-hearted approach. These are perfectly valid reasons that make it hard to connect with a therapist. It could also be an unexplainable reason. You might feel like there’s something off in your relationship with your therapist. You can’t quite place why that is, but you don’t have a good vibe. Maybe you’re confused by this because the person got good reviews online, or they came highly recommended. That doesn’t matter if you don’t connect with them. You need to like your therapist so you can get the most out of treatment.

When it clicks

On the other hand, there’s nothing like clicking with a therapist. When you feel connected with your therapist, it’s a beautiful feeling. You like them and want to hear their viewpoint. You can’t wait to go to sessions so they can guide you. That is a genuine human connection, and it matters. When you like your therapist, it will enhance the value of treatment.

Finding a therapist, you like

It’s possible to discover a therapist that you like and who works for you. It may take some time to find that person, but don’t give up hope that they’re out there. You can interview potential therapists to get a vibe from them. Maybe you’re interested in becoming a mental health professional yourself. You can ask them how to become a therapist. Once you find someone worth seeing, try them out for a few sessions and see if you like them. It’s sort of like dating, only with a mental health professional. You get to decide whether or not you have a connection with your therapist and if you want to foster that relationship.

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