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Our Health is not Only About Genes but also About Attitude

Every single time you meet a fit person, they thank their genetics. Of course, your genes matter, but there are other considerations. Even if you don’t have good genes, there is a possibility that you are physically and mentally fit. It’s all about your attitude! Let’s say you start a project or brace up to play gry owoce fruits. If you have a negative mind, your good genes won’t help you in the long run. If you start thinking negatively, you will lose money and won’t be able to complete the project.


A negative attitude can be demoralizing for people around you. Thus, our health is not only about genes but also about the attitude we possess. Here’s an article that gives some insight into how your attitude plays an important role in keeping you fit and happy.

Are You Mentally Fit?

Sure, you have biceps and abs, but that does not mean you are mentally stable or happy. A fit person could have an unstable mind. Even if you have good genes and have an excellent metabolism – your negative attitude will bring you down.

Mental fitness is equally important. There are many actors and actresses who have got good genes, a great body, and beautiful looks, but they are not mentally happy or stable. Mental health is a serious concern in today’s world. There are many people who showcase their fitness level to the world, but the story is different from the inside. Are they going through depression? Do they have a stable mind?

Your attitude and state of mind play a crucial role in improving your health. When a person is mentally unfit or carries a negative attitude, it starts showing on their face. In fact, ageing happens a lot sooner when you overthink or carry a negative attitude.

How Your Attitude Affects Your Health

It’s very hard to have a positive and happy attitude in today’s world. Everyone is trying to dull your spirit by passing negative comments. Violence around the world makes us angry. Politics makes us nauseous. Let’s not talk about the media! At the end of the day, we need to help ourselves. You can bring a horse to a water hole, but you can’t make them drink it. Similarly, happiness is a state of mind, and nobody can help you unless you help yourself.

If we carry a negative attitude, it will affect our health. Negative emotions can cause problems and high blood pressure. There are many fit people who had a cardiac arrest due to high blood pressure. Taking needless stress and overthinking will affect your health negatively. Doctors and psychologists suggest laughter therapy and engaging in activities that make you happy. Positivity is infectious, and it makes your heart happy and healthy.

When life throws challenges at you, there is little you can do to change the scenario. However, you have the power not to let it unsettle you. Carry a positive attitude, and you will live longer. Genes may or may not help you live longer, but happiness will affect your health in a positive manner.