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Why Is Breast Augmentation The Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedure?

Breast augmentation is undoubtedly a phenomenally popular aesthetic or plastic surgery option in the United States. And it is rightly so. Breast augmentation promises several mental and physical benefits for contemporary women. According to an article in Forbes, in 2019, breast augmentation was the most popular surgical procedure performed by cosmetic surgeons, and around 1.8 million breast augmentation surgeries were performed. This was followed by 1.4 million cases of liposuction and 1.26 million cases of Eyelid Surgery. Women are happy to invest their valuable time and money in a breast augmentation or breast implant procedure.


The chief advantage of a breast augmentation is getting a new and enhanced look of your breasts. You can get larger, perkier, and fuller breasts as if by magic. You can look more charming and more youthful. Most women do not have uniform-sized breasts. Usually, one breast is bigger than the other in most women. Breast augmentation is the most effective way of rectifying the issue and minimizing the difference in size between your breasts. You can now enjoy much greater symmetry.

Augmentation Breast Surgery: Kinds of Breast Implants 

Breast augmentation surgery entails placing strategically prosthetic implants into your chest wall. The two kinds of implants used in the breast augmentation procedure are:

  • Silicone Implants: Pre-filled prosthetics currently available in a broad spectrum of sizes. Since these silicone implants are available in larger sizes, they necessitate larger incisions in your chest wall.
  • Saline Implants: These are not pre-filled and are inserted into your chest when empty. After inserting them, they are filled with the required amount of saline solution to get the desired size.

Reasons to opt for Breast Augmentation

Enjoy Higher Self-Esteem

Women who already had breast augmentation surgery reported that they experienced much higher self-esteem when they saw the results of the procedure. As per the findings of a survey, nine out of ten women reported they enjoyed greater self-esteem. There are countless long-term benefits of having higher self-esteem. You can get a long-pending promotion in your career. You can have the confidence to ask somebody out on a date. You would certainly feel much better and happier in your friendships and relationships. When you start admiring and loving yourself, you can spread happiness around you. You may schedule an appointment with a renowned plastic surgery clinic like Stratus Plastic Surgery for positive outcomes.

Long-Lasting Outcomes

Breast implants can last for many, many years. Irrespective of the kind of breast implant you have chosen, rest assured of enjoying your enhanced appearance for the next ten to twenty years without any hassles. You can see the outcomes very soon since the recovery time post a breast augmentation procedure is just about a month.

Attractive Breasts Even After Pregnancy

After pregnancy, your breasts are sure to look quite different than what they looked earlier. Breasts will swell up during pregnancy and after the delivery of the baby. Eventually, your breasts may start sagging. Multiple pregnancies will have their toll on your breasts. Breast augmentation is the best way to get the fullness of your breasts back. Your breasts will look attractive and firm.

Conclusion: Look Younger than Your Actual Age

With advancing age, your breasts may start sagging because of loss of volume. With breast augmentation, you can enjoy oodles of self-confidence as your breasts will look firmer, higher, and fuller. You will look more youthful and beautiful. You will automatically feel more confident. Breast augmentation surgery is the most effective and safe way of looking more beautiful and gaining more confidence.