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15 Design Ideas From MasterBundles

Like any other field of activity, graphic design is very sensitive to external factors: any changes or new trends in the world also affect the development trends in this area. Over the years, one can trace these changings and conclude that only the strongest survive as graphic designers: professionals who keep up with the times and never cease to amaze their clients. That is why we devote so much time to this important issue.


Inspiration is not always in abundance, but fresh ideas flow like a river. A creative crisis is an absolutely normal state for a creative and talented person. After all, we all draw these ideas from the outside: from nature or the surrounding architecture, from trending films or TV series, from innovations or technological progress. Yes, absolutely no matter where. After all, an idea can even come from a simple dialogue in a cafe! The main thing is to be open to new things and let this idea find you.

For example, the fact that you are reading this article is already a step towards meeting new fresh streams. Here we decided to collect 15 of the best and most unusual ideas from the Master Bundles platform for our readers. We really took the time, went through the most atypical options and will share them with you right now. These design element bundles can become your new breath in graphic design and add a bit of originality to any project. Let’s not delay!

50 Fall T-shirt Designs, Inspirational Fall Quotes

Look out the window. What is there? Of course, this is autumn and such a perfect one! Golden and playful, sometimes cold and austere, but such an extraordinary time of the year. It is simply not acceptable not to use this feature, so hurry up while it is relevant. Someone will notice that this is too primitive and simple. We want to immediately get ahead of these doubts and note that sometimes beauty is really in simple and everyday things.

Therefore, it is absolutely not shameful to be inspired by the weather, but on the contrary it will be a good autumn addition. Place such a print on a T-shirt or any other clothes, give an autumn atmosphere and mood, grab a cup of hot tea and say hello to autumn! I am sure this set will be a great boost for you. The quality of the graphics and drawings will definitely impress you.

Halloween Spooky Illustration T-shirt Designs Bundle

Boo! Halloween is approaching. If you are a fan of this holiday, then this product is just a godsend for you. Unique Halloween designs and elements, new shapes, extraordinary colors. Everything in this collection is perfect! And if you are not a fan yet, then after you flip through these prints – you will definitely join the lovers of this unusual holiday!

The selection includes not only ordinary pumpkins and scary images, but also many other fresh ingredients, see for yourself!

Hand Drawn Flowers and Botanical Illustrations

Handwork has always been valued much more than machine printing. Just look at these lines and curves! A pleasant floral print fits very easily and harmoniously on fabrics and other surfaces, it will fit exactly into your design and become the best part of it.

It’s both minimalistic and pleasing to the eye. Aesthetics in such little things is an important aspect, we want you to enjoy it both in the process and as a result.

20 Music Festival Live Singing Performance Vector Illustration

Music theme is another timeless design theme. Music festivals around the world are full of a variety of pictures, but very few of those that really hit the mark. Making a themed look for a music fan is a daunting task, but the elements we’ve chosen will make it a lot easier. They are youthful, not trivial and will definitely be in trend in the near future. Take it!

Cute Cats T-Shirt Designs

Do you wanna melt the ice in someone’s heart? Cats are your weapon. Another topic that will always be at the top. There are very few people who are not touched by cute funny faces and are not absorbed into the world of carelessness at the sight of representatives of the feline family. If you are not an exception – rather add these prints to the collection of ideas.

20+ Christmas Twigs Vector Set of Illustrations

Time flies fast and Christmas is just around the corner. We always prepare for it in advance and pay maximum attention to this holiday. After all, how many people are waiting for the moment when the streets will play with New Year’s mood, shopping malls will bring decorations to their shelves, and light frost and snow will cover the planet. Our job is to decorate it with our stunning Christmas patterns and add our bit to this New Year’s bustle!

Halloween Cute Frames Wreath Happy Ghost

Halloween can be not only ugly scary, but also ugly cute! Why not? This is a different interpretation, and let’s be honest, we like it even more than the traditional one! This cute ghost is simply touching, and the beautiful frame decor can be used to invite you to a Halloween party! Think of any other use, but be sure to grab this selection of frames. It will definitely come in handy.

Space Set of 6 Seamless Patterns

Space is not as far away as it seems to us. The versatile and practical print can be used in all sorts of design projects. This is a great idea for renovating a children’s room, for decorating clothes, for decorating a space for relaxation. All this will harmoniously fit into the design and will be a great addition to your space nature!

Blue Flowers, Butterflies and Doodles, Seamless Tiles and Digital Papers

Another great design option for room decoration or digital projects. The advantage of these wallpapers is their versatility, great and stylish color palette, following trends and the fact that you can use them right now. Don’t delay, because someone might come up with something brilliant before you!

Wild Flowers, Watercolor Clipart, Hand Drawn Illustrations

Ease and carefree! This is what comes to mind when looking at these unusual little flowers. If you have a project that you also associate with these two words, it should definitely include these illustrations as a great accent. Let’s spread beauty around the world together!

Yummy Food Illustrations

Beware, from the next selection you may salivate and your lunch will not have to be postponed until later. Attractive and “tasty” drawings will become a lure for many, the main thing is to properly dispose of this idea! You can simply add this design to your T-shirt and go around teasing others. Ha! This is absolutely incompatible with diet, so think about it 100 times.

Hello Autumn: 70 Autumn Illustrations in Colored Pencil

Another great autumn option made in the handmade style. The drawings really seem to be hand-drawn and this is a delight. If autumn a priori causes positive emotions in you, then such prints are definitely a must-have! There are a lot of them and there are plenty to choose from, take your time right now and until the end of autumn you will keep this love and warmth of such weather in your heart.

Bright Flowers and Fruits Patterns

And this option, on the contrary, is more sweet and fresh: bright colors, positive floral and fruity print, the air smelled like summer, right? It is a great design element for warmth and summer vibe lovers. Create such an atmosphere for yourself in interior design on an ongoing basis, and you will never be sad on cold days!

19 Cafe or Coffee Shop Illustrations

Classics of the genre, coffee shop design. This is definitely a sign for coffee lovers – it’s time for you to get your own design insignia. Agree, it is very important to create an atmosphere in the coffee shop that will complement the coffee aroma and will put on a small talk inside your cafe.

15 World Population Day Illustrations

The concept of “world citizen” is now more relevant than ever. If you are concerned about social issues and you want to publicly express your position, then this is a unique chance for you – such prints will be able to shout about it to the whole world. See for yourself.


We are glad that you have read to the end, because for us it means that you have definitely found something of your own from this collection. We wish you creative takeoff and maximum inspiration.