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A Brief Guide To Moving A Spa & Hot Tub To Another Location Without Any Hassles

Portable hot tubs are popular, and they promise many benefits. The best way to enjoy ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation is to soak leisurely in a nice hot tub after a hard day’s work. According to WebMD, the bubbly warm water is helpful in easing pains and aches resulting from clinical conditions such as low back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. However, it is challenging to move a hot tub. You may consider a few things while moving your spa & hot tub to your new house or buying a pre-owned spa or hot tub. However, with proper planning and tremendous preparations, you can facilitate smooth transportation of your hot tub to another location.


Take Accurate Measurements

It is critical to measure everything accurately before you initiate the moving process. You may focus your attention on measuring the accurate dimensions of the spa, driveways, and walkways on the route. Make sure there is a clear path to the truck at the pick-up point and the destination location. Once you know the perfect dimensions of the hot tub, ensure that the moving truck is big enough for the hot tub to fit for safe and secure transportation. You may even measure all the dimensions in the new location accurately.

Ensure Perfect Access & Clearance  

Before you initiate the moving process, it is best to ensure proper access and clearance. You need to examine if both properties allow easy access to the yard. You need to check if the gate is wide enough to allow the truck. There should be adequate patio, fence, or gate clearance for maneuvering the tub into the perfect position. Identify a route that promises minimum hindrances for smooth movement.

Moving Necessitates a Lot of Tow Capacity, Strength, and Effort

Remember that hot tubs are quite heavy, and it is no joke to carry or move them. The weight of a spa on average is around 1200 to 1500 pounds. It necessitates tremendous muscle power to move, lift, or deliver the hot tub and the associated units. You can ensure seamless shifting by using special trailers and dollies.

Hire Professional Spa & Tub Movers

If you want a hassle-free process, contact and hire professional spa movers. Professional hot tub movers know their job well and have the perfect equipment and tools for the purpose. They ensure that there is no damage to your hot tub. They know the best ways and routes to transport the hot tub. The process becomes safe, seamless, and hassle-free. They provide all the essential tie-downs and straps for additional support and ultimate protection. Professional Utah Tub & Spa Movers know their job well, and they will transport and deliver the hot tub to the destination with safety and ease. Follow the map given below:

Be Prepared to Perform the Prep Tasks

Before you initiate the move, it is essential to drain the tub properly. It is time-consuming and may take a few hours when you use the drain plug or at least half an hour to an hour when using a siphon or sump pump. You may focus on drying it up properly and carrying out all the repairs before moving the hot tub to the new location. It is critical to disconnect the hot tub from all water lines and electrical hookups.


Follow all the discussed tips for smooth transportation and shifting your hot tub to the desired premises. Just remember to examine all the electrical needs in the new premises before shifting.