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Are Art & Design Effective Anger Management Tools?



Creative expression can be an amazing outlet for many people, and it has the ability to enrich people’s lives by eliciting positive change. Unfortunately, anger is a chronic problem for many individuals, and activities like art and design can help people find relief and even overcome it. This article will discuss how having a healthy release is vital for people who struggle with anger issues and why it should be practiced.


How Creativity Can Produce Change

Art and design can improve an individual’s wellbeing by helping them process their feelings and emotions and channeling them into something productive.

People who have no outlet for negative emotions, like anger and frustration, feel like they get bottled up, and unfortunately, this leads to them taking it out on others.

However, by focusing one’s energy on a piece of art or designing something that means something to them, people can learn how to cope with anger and other negative aspects they want to handle.

For many people, their creations can reflect their anger – many of the most recognizable works were driven by emotions, which is evident to their audience, who may try to interpret what they mean.

Therefore, it doesn’t necessarily matter what you make; instead, it’s why you do it, and if that’s because it helps you heal and you want to get some bad feelings out of your system, this is where having a creative outlet truly shines.

Art Therapy & Anger

While individuals who struggle with anger issues can benefit from art and design and make changes on their own, most people will benefit from speaking to a professional who can incorporate creativity and psychotherapy.

Although traditional anger management classes are very effective, art therapy can be a much more engaging way to achieve substantial results.

For example, not only will individuals be able to focus on something positive and productive, but the art therapist will also be there to help them understand and reflect on what they made. Not everyone can fully express themselves with words, but through art, they can, and with some guidance, they can learn how to feel empowered and be in control of their feelings and emotions.

People don’t need to be skilled to benefit from art therapy, rather just to be willing to be open to change. Your anger can be used towards something useful, and taking control of it requires mindfulness.

Additional Resources For Anger Management

As mentioned earlier, anger management classes should strongly be considered if you are having issues controlling your anger. In fact, many people will benefit from taking formal courses alongside art therapy.

To find more strategies to help you deal with anger effectively, please visit the following link and check out BetterHelp’s advice section about this topic:

At BetterHelp, you can also find licensed mental health professionals who can give you the skills you need to handle distressing emotions of any kind. They are completely normal to have, but it takes practice to not have them become a problem anymore, and sometimes this requires some extra assistance.


Everyone experiences anger at some point, but the differences lie in how people choose to express it. By finding solace through artistic endeavors, you can harness it and use it towards something positive and change your life forever.