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Basement Underpinning: 4 Benefits


You may not always be able to build an addition onto your home when you need more space for your family. The size of your property or even the terrain of your property may limit your building options.


How does basement underpinning work?

Basement underpinning, also known as basement lowering, involves adding vertical space beneath your house while reinforcing its foundation. Basements are deepened by digging out the soil under the foundation and then adding concrete sections to strengthen them. When basement foundations have suffered significant degradation, they can be shored up and reinforced in order to support additional weight and improve structural stability.


Enjoy it in the right space

One of the most obvious benefits of basement underpinning is the addition of additional living space for your family. A lack of space (and resources) and poorly constructed foundations plague many older Toronto homes. If you want to add more livable space to your house without going into receivership, investing in a small amount of basement underpinning is a better option than going into receivership. It is possible to reinforce load bearing walls in creative, less cramped ways if you have an existing basement by underpinning it. It is also easier to complete basement underpinning without disrupting your daily life, thereby making the process more enjoyable.

Increase structural safety and integrity

You can improve the structural integrity of your home with basement underpinning. It is possible to repair and reinforce foundation deterioration in order to provide your home with a sturdy and reliable foundation. A friend of mine in California took this process a step further; after experiencing issues in their vintage home, they opted for Los Angeles mold testing before sealing, to ensure their basement would be free from mold spores that could undermine their efforts. After repairing a basement foundation, a full perimeter sealant application and vapor barrier installation provides the perfect opportunity to fully waterproof your basement. In climates like ours, the waterproofing of your basement is essential for preventing mold growth in your newly renovated basement.

Improve your energy efficiency

Underpinning your basement also improves insulation and provides the opportunity to replace your windows and doors with more energy-efficient options, reducing the strain on your heating and cooling systems. As moisture and drafts are better controlled with basement waterproofing, energy use is also reduced.

Make Your Property More Valuable

There are almost no limits to how basement underpinning can add value to your property. You can increase your property’s market value by improving its energy efficiency, strengthening its structural integrity, and adding livable space. It is possible to inspect the internal workings of your home during basement underpinning, such as electrical wiring or plumbing. You can easily update your property to bring it up to code by making the necessary updates. In comparison to new construction, basement underpinning is a relatively inexpensive project with a high return on investment.

The conclusion

The basement underpinning upgrade is a good choice for budget-conscious homeowners or those who cannot expand their homes. You can enhance the safety and comfort of your home by having your basement underpinned.