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Four Effective Ways to Create a Healthier Home Office Space


These days, more and more of us are working from home.  Having a home office poses a lot of advantages.  Time and money are saved from not having to commute to a business office, and there are many conveniences to working from home.  However, for all the benefits that come from conducting business at home, there are some major challenges too. 


For instance, it might be hard to separate business from family or personal time. It can be tough to shut off the computer and relax when it’s humming five feet away from your bedroom.  That’s why it’s important to find ways to create a healthier home office space. So, if you find yourself struggling to balance your work life and still have a happier home office space, read further for effective tips to live and work more healthfully.

Why Should You Create A Healthier Home Office?

According to recent telecommuting statistics, 62% of employees in the US worked remotely from home at the height of the pandemic.  Most workers claim they appreciate the flexibility of working from home. However, 42% of these at-home workers say they are dealing with remote work health risks such as lower back pain and neck strain. 

Still other virtual employees say they suffer from mental health problems.  In fact, a study conducted by Pearson Clinical shows that 25%-38% of at-home workers experience feelings of isolation, burn-out, and depression when working from home.  Here are a few ways to combat these health challenges and create a healthier home office space.

Stick To A Schedule

One of the blessings of working from home is flexibility – but it’s also a curse.  Working from home means you’re not chained to an alarm clock that compels you to get in your office cubicle by 8:00 a.m. However, it also means you might work later into the evenings, or work more hours than you would at a physical office. 

Avoid overworking and sloppy work habits by setting a strict schedule and sticking to it.  A schedule will also help you separate business time from personal and family time.  This one step to enforcing time management and order in your at-home workday can win you significant health gains.

Consider Your Position

For many, working from home means being slumped over a keyboard all day. That’s not good. Sitting in front of a screen for eight or more hours every day can cause problems with circulation and blood flow. As revealed in the aforementioned statistics, this kind of sedentary work environment can also lead to back and neck pain. If you’re experiencing discomfort, consider seeking assistance from a Baltimore MD Chiropractor Dr. Lippy, who specializes in holistic solutions for addressing such issues and promoting overall spinal health.

Reduce at-home work injuries by moving often throughout the day.  At the very least, force yourself to do some stretches or walk around every hour through your workday.  Also, think about investing in a high-quality, ergonomic office chair.  You may also think about getting a standing desk.  Incorporating different positions and moving around while working from home can go a long way towards maintaining a healthier home office space.

Clear The Air

Did you know your computer and other electronics are emitting toxins in your home office environment? It’s true.  Your computer or laptop is made of toxic substances such as heavy metals, brominated fire retardants, and PVC.  When your computer is running all day, these toxic materials heat up producing subtle gasses which are then released into the air of your home office.  Thankfully, you have a natural solution at your fingertips. 

Combat health-threatening toxins in the air by adopting a few plants.  Plants are natural purifiers of the air.  In a home office, plants can filter out the toxins from your computer as well as introduce more oxygen in the air.  Plants like philodendron rio,  ferns, pothos, or ficus can filter up to 82% of impurities in your home office. As an extra benefit, plants help humidify your work atmosphere which helps reduce allergies and avoid succumbing to common colds.  Furthermore, the introduction of plants in your workspace lends a cheerful look and can enhance your mood throughout the day.

Draw The Line

Many at-home workers claim it’s challenging to keep their home office separate from their personal space.  This might be because living quarters are tight, making it difficult to carve out a dedicated place to work.  In other instances, it might be tempting for at-home workers to tap out assignments on a laptop at the kitchen table. 

Whatever your circumstances at home might be, make every effort to create a clear distinction between your home office and the rest of your home.  Even if it’s a curtain separating your workstation from the rest of your living space, do your best to segregate.  This action will help you shift from professional time to personal time in your home much easier. 

In conclusion, adopting these simple suggestions can assist you in creating a healthier home office space. And when you do this, you should experience fewer at-home work injuries.  Additionally, taking a more mindful approach to your home office may also help you improve your mental health while working at home.