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Mono vs. Mono–Perc Solar Panels – Which One To Buy?


No doubt technology has yielded various new ways to generate electricity. And among these is solar energy that is becoming common and useful for people nowadays. And when it comes to the solar panels which are the basic source of solar electricity, many modules have been introduced till now. These models do come in various voltage and amp hour rangers that can be analyzed by utilizing the free solar panel calculator. Yes, this free tool has been designed by site and helps you to know what range of solar panel wattage you need to install in your home to run all appliances.


Monocrystalline Solar Panels:

Monocrystalline panels are those panels with in-built photovoltaic cells. These cells are manufactured using the silicon, a semiconductor used to equip electronic devices. Moreover, modern models of crystalline panels are known as the polycrystalline panels that contain 5 layers of PV cells to generate electric voltage.

In these panels, silicon wafers are installed in the form of long wafers. It provides more energy voltages that can be verified by subjecting it to the solar panel calculator. And when it comes to discussing the formation of these cells, silicon boules and ingots are used in its manufacturing.

Mono-Perc Solar Plates:

These solar panels are the most advanced form of the panels developed ever. Here the acronym PAC stands for Passive Emitter and Emitter Cells. These cells have been manufactured by industry in such a way that they are very helpful in increasing the efficiency of the solar cell modules. Let’s discuss more about mono-perc solar panels.

Mono vs Mono-perc Solar Panels:

Solar power is one of the most accepted and cheapest fuels. You just need the solar panels for the solar energy and use the solar power calculator to find the power of the solar panels. There are two major types of the solar panel: the mono & mono-perc panels. Let us now compare both the types of the panels as there is difference in the efficiency and performance. But both the panels have specific utilization and you have to use specifically for that purpose. If you are not fully aware about the purpose of the solar panels and their utilization, then it can possible you are using wrong solar panels. This can not be the perfect option for better efficiency, just use the precise solar panel according to your utilization.

In this article, we are discussing the specific purpose of both the types of solar panels.

The Efficiency of Solar Panels:

The efficiency is the energy in the form of the sunlight which is absorbed by the solar panels and convert it into the fuel. This fuel can be in shape of the electricity or we are using this solar power in charging the batteries. Since the mono-perc modules absorb more energy form the rays of the sun, so it is more suited for the areas where sun is not as bright. But the mono-perc modules panels are more costly than the mono due to their better absorptivity. On the other hand if you are living in the tropical areas, then it is better to use the mono panels a these are cheaper than the mono-perc modules panels. The the mono panels are the best for the areas where the sun is bright and it is better to use them. The tropical areas are made for the mono panels. The Mono-perc Solar Panels are more efficient in comparison to standard mono panels but these are more costly than the standard mono panels.

Cost of Panels:

The mono-crystalline (standard) panels are cheaper than the perc modules, so it quite better to use the mono-crystalline (standard) panels if you have the limited budget. The extra layers of the mono-perc modules actually increases the cost of the panels. This is the main reason the mono-perc modules panels are more costly as compared to the mono-crystalline (standard) panels. Using the mono-crystalline (standard) panels is the best option in the areas where the sun is bright and use them without any extra charges. This is the one main reason the mono-crystalline (standard) panels are made for the tropical areas around the world.


The mono-crystalline (standard) panels are cheaper than the perc modules. You need to use the perc modules in the tropical areas around the world due to their better efficiency as compared to its counterparts. Try to choose the solar panels according to your specific requirements and inspect its efficiency annually. It is better to use the solar panels on the yearly basis to keep them in perfect condition.