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Needlepoint Kits- Proper Tools for a Creative and Therapeutic Hobby


Hobbies are activities that not only help to unleash creativity in humans but can also be therapeutic. Some of these activities are physically exerting while others are calm and soothing. Needlepoint is in the latter category.


Needlepoint is a type of embroidery (in fact it is even referred to as embroidery by amateurs) that entails stitching patterns with yarn or thread onto a stiff canvas or fabric. This needlecraft has been in existence for centuries and has always been a rallying point for many a great social initiative.

Novices refer to needlepoint as embroidery, quilting, cross stitching, patchwork and a lot of other things. But experts would tell you that there are distinctive differences between them although they all belong to the same family of art. You may like to read this article for more details.

Needlepoint as we mentioned briefly is in the class of hobbies that are both creative and therapeutic. One thing however, that impacts the level of relaxation that one will enjoy is the tools used. That is why it is important to choose the right kit for the task.

In this article, we will explore benefits of using the right kit for this hobby and also share tips on how to choose the appropriate kit so stay with us…

Benefits of Needlepoint Kits

Needlepoint kits provide every necessary material/tool needed for the craft in addition to instructions for beginners. This already tells you that it is a very beneficial tool for every enthusiast of this craft. However, we will go on to spell out some of the benefits:-


Seeing as you can get everything you need for you need for your craft in one package, it makes the whole process very easy and convenient. A well packaged tool box or set includes pre-printed canvas, a needle, threads/yarn and well detailed instructions. With everything in one place, you do not have to go sourcing for each item separately. This makes for convenience and ease of use especially for beginners.

Creative Expression

Like we mentioned above, needle work helps people express their innate creativity and a proper set of tools is the foremost enabler of this. Kits come in a wide range of designs which ensures that everyone finds something that’s suitable for their skill level and taste. As you progress in the craft, you can even design your own patterns or customize your tools.

Therapeutic Benefits

Needlepoint is not just a hobby or craft; it is therapy. The repetitions needed to get the patterns can help with meditation which in turn reduces anxiety and stress. In addition to that, a lot of focus is needed for the craft which also improves the stitcher’s concentration. Best of all is the sense of accomplishment that comes with completion of any pattern whether as a whole or in sections.

You can visit this site: to see how embroidery can be therapy.

Other benefits of having the right kit include skill development and social interaction. Let’s now go on to how to choose the right set.

Tips for Choosing the Right Needlepoint Kit


The type of kit you use determines how enjoyable or otherwise your experience will be. There are many factors to consider in making a choice but we will look at a few …

Skill Level

Needlepoint kits are generally categorized according to skill level and these levels are usually, beginner, intermediate and expert or advanced. Therefore if you are just starting out, ensure you pick a kit for beginners. Do not go for kits with complicated designs and colour changes.

As you grow in skill and confidence, you can then switch up to the appropriate kit for your skill level. This will help you not to get discouraged at the beginning and also be able to measure your growth in the craft.

Design Preference

Look out for a kit that appeals to you; that is a sure guarantee that you will enjoy the experience. Choose a kit with designs that motivate and inspire you. If you choose a kit based on another person’s preference, you may lose wind before the end of your project.

Project Size

Bear in mind the size of your project before you buy a kit and also your skill level. Smaller kits are best for beginners or people who do not have much time for their hobby while the larger more complicated ones are for more experienced crafters who want to engage in a substantial project.

Quality of Materials

The quality of materials used determines the final outcome of a project. If you want an outcome that you will be proud of, you must insist on high quality needlepoint kits and not just some knock offs. Look out for kits that have sturdy canvases and fade-resistant threads/yarns. Additionally, we recommend that you stick with reputable brands since they already have a reputation to protect.


In addition to the above tips and factors to consider, do not forget the importance of well detailed instructions and support for the success of any needlepoint project. Therefore look out for a brand that offers the best support and instructions. In all you do, find a kit that will give you the most pleasurable experience.