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Prestige Finsbury Park Review

After spending days and weeks looking for a property to invest in, I found Prestige Finsbury park. Since its beginning, innovative ideas have been pioneered by Prestige Group and therefore, its brand name has gained popularity. Now Prestige Group includes over 205 landmarks and its wide portfolio includes residential, commercial, retail and hotel investments. It has given its buyers a wonderful living experience with its premium residential infrastructure. One thing which is extremely important for property buyers to think of is the price of the property and the price that Prestige Finsbury Park offers is between ₹56.5 Lacs to ₹59.5 Lacs. Also, equated monthly instalments start from ₹42,000 / Month. In my opinion, this is one of the best property prices in the market currently and also provides multiple facilities and amenities.


Advantages Of Buying A Property At Prestige Finsbury Park

A friend of mine has a property at Prestige Finsbury Park for investment purposes. His choice of property appealed to me and I too considered Prestige Finsbury Park since I was also looking for a property to invest in. According to my experience, there are many benefits of buying a property at Prestige Finsbury Park. In addition, the Prestige Group has established itself as one of India’s top and most successful real estate developers over the past ten years.

The business has expanded into large parts of southern India, like Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Bangalore, and Bengaluru, and has just opened an office in Mumbai. The corporate team collaborates with talented people who guarantee the assurance and success of each project.

Finsbury Park’s Best Amenities

As I have first-hand experience here, I can list down the basic luxurious amenities you can enjoy here. These include:

– Exercising in a common garden


-Passengers’ parking





-court for tennis

-running path

-the clubhouse

-shopping mall

-CC camera


-child-friendly space

-recreation center

Few Reasons Why I Recommend Buying Property In Prestige Finsbury Park

In my opinion, this property has excellent access to various areas of the city that make living simpler.

Excellent Lifestyle

A small bit of paradise has been brought to earth in Prestige Finsbury Park. With its elegant aesthetics, The Prestige Finsbury Park Apartment conveys nobility and a great way of life. It is ideal for both newly-wed couples and families with children. The Prestige Finsbury Park Apartments’ proximity to important landmark areas and easy accessibility to travel options make it an ideal home location. Working from home is also made simple by in-house amenities like Wi-Fi and power backup. Popular institutes and well-known schools are also nearby.

Location Advantages

Finsbury Park lies close to prestigious institutions and schools such as St. Francis School. Its other location advantages include:

  • Manasa Hospital, one of Bangalore’s renowned hospitals is located next to Prestige Finsbury Park. There are also pharmacies and emergency services nearby.
  • To make your everyday life easier, restaurants, petrol stations, places of worship, banks, and shopping areas are all conveniently situated.
  • Prestige Finsbury Park is also close to 4 supermarkets including Krishnamurthy Powerplus Controls and Nuha Classic Interiors.

Connectivity And Vicinity

Prestige Finsbury Park is next to the Hardware & IT/Aerospace Park and is only a short distance from Bagalur Main Road. It also has good access to South Bangalore’s key regions. Some of its connectivity perks include:

  • The distance between Prestige Finsbury Park and the International Airport is about 50 kilometers.
  • Bagalur’s bus stations are close by and accessible in a few minutes.
  • There are significant public transportation options in this neighborhood, including buses, taxis, cabs, and rickshaws.


I can certainly say that you must have had questions in your mind, but now I hope that you have got your answers. Now you need not bother about security and other facilities as it is all available here. All of these luxuries can make your life simpler and happier, as it did for me. Do visit verified property listings on to make a more informed decision.