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Starting A New Design Job? Here’s How To Reduce Anxiety Going In



Entering a new job for the first time can produce some overwhelming feelings; after all, you’ll be working with new people, have new responsibilities, and you might be in a new location if you’re not working remotely. This article will share some tips on minimizing your anxiety levels when starting a new position and becoming more comfortable instead.


List Out Your Concerns

Anxiety that is related to starting a new job isn’t something that goes away immediately, it diminishes as you begin to become more familiar with it. However, you can make this process quicker by taking note of the specific things that bother you the most, as this can give you a chance to prepare yourself.

For example, if you have to commute, get familiar with your route and leave a little bit early, or talk with a supervisor and ask if there is anything that you should know in advance that can help you settle in.

By having some idea of what to expect on your first days on the job, you can reduce a lot of stress and manage your expectations. Remember, you’re new – you’re allowed to make some mistakes, even if you have prior experience as a designer.

Incorporate Relaxation Techniques

Although being aware of what is triggering your anxiety can help you get to the root of the problem, it’s also a good idea to find ways to physically and mentally calm yourself down even as you’re feeling anxious.

The relaxation response can be elicited in different ways, but deep breathing and meditation are popular methods.

Meditation can also teach you the art of mindfulness, which is the ability to be aware of the present. For example, suppose you are experiencing anxious thoughts, and they are making you feel uncomfortable. In that case, you can simply recognize them for what they are, but don’t react to them – simply accept that they are there and will inevitably pass, and this can calm your mind.

Find A Support System

Just about everyone has experienced the feeling of having a new job, and more than likely, you know someone in your life who has also gone through the same feelings as you are right now. So this is a very relatable situation, and you’re not alone.

Finding someone you can trust to talk to about this matter can alleviate a lot of the stress and anxiety and reassure you that everything will be okay. Along with friends and family, professional support is also always available, and a counselor or therapist can introduce you to other effective coping strategies that you can use to keep anxiety at bay.

To learn more about how you can combat anxiety, not just for your job but your day-to-day life, click the link below to find informative articles like this one at BetterHelp that are centered around this specific topic:


If you’re feeling anxious because you’re stepping foot into a new position, just be aware that your feelings are entirely natural, and there are millions of other people in the same boat as you. Nonetheless, there are plenty of practical ways on how to reduce these feelings so that you can go in feeling more confident, and hopefully, the advice here will help calm your nerves and help you become successful at your new design job.