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The Perfect Garden: How To Equip A Garden In 2023

It’s hard to argue with the fact that a garden is a great addition to any residential area. An aesthetic, tastefully decorated garden will be the cherry on the cake of your landscape. If you design your own housing yourself, it is important not only to take into account the basic rules of construction, but also the trends of the modern industry. How to design a garden so that it is stylish, modern and comfortable? Here are some tips!



In the process of creating a garden, many people shift their focus to plants and flowers. Perhaps you underestimate garden furniture or have not thought about what role it can play in your garden. The outdoor furniture located in the garden enlivens the space, creating comfort and beauty. Add a pool bed, a table or outdoor chairs with umbrellas to the familiar landscape and the surrounding world will sparkle with new colors! Creating comfort is in your hands. You can literally do it yourself!

Vertical plants

Let’s move from the furniture to everyone’s favorite plants. Surely you have noticed more than once impressive climbing plants that grow very quickly on their own. Climbing plants are really a wonderful decoration of the site. In addition to this type of garden decoration, frame grilles are usually bought, which are quite inexpensive. Tubs with trellises can be installed on the veranda, and a lattice covered with a rose can surround a gazebo or a bench in the garden. If you need a quick result, use curly annuals: peas, convolvulus or nasturtiums.

Which plants to choose?

Let’s see what to choose in order to grow plants! If you don’t expect suffering with care, choose plants from your climatic zone. For your future comfort, choose those plants that require minimal care. Pay your attention to the types of conifers, cereals, shrubs: turf, barberries.

Another tip is to plant slow-growing plants. At first it seems that all the acquired plants are small and do not plan to grow. However, after a year you will be surprised how everything starts to grow so much. You will have to spend a lot of effort on pruning, cutting plants so that they do not spread. To avoid this hassle, take small varieties: Christmas trees, nidiformis, rhododendrons, and mountain pines.

Use wooden products

The trend towards conscious consumption and environmental friendliness does not leave any sphere! Try to use the remains of the tree. For example, turn a stump into an elegant tea table. To do this, simply cover the stump with a wooden or glass tabletop. And decorate the stump growing in the middle of the garden with flowers. A very eco-friendly way to create comfort!

Use mulch

Mulch is a special coating on top of the soil. Mulch has a number of advantages. Firstly, it reduces the number of weeds, saving you from unnecessary tasks. It also reduces the evaporation of moisture from the soil, which has a positive effect on its condition, prevents the freezing of plant roots in the cold season, and protects against overheating in summer. And, of course, it’s just beautiful.

Here are 5 tips for arranging the garden we have turned out. We hope that these tips have become a useful theoretical basis for you and will help in the construction of a cozy home!