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The Sheldon Museum of Art: Collections and Exhibitions

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, this gorgeous museum is stunning inside and out. The striking exterior sets you up with high expectations, and the interior doesn’t disappoint. So if you’re in Lincoln looking for something interesting and beautiful, these are the top reasons the Sheldon Museum of Art should be your next stop.


The History of the Museum

Founded in 1888, this museum has lived a lot of different lives and reinvented itself multiple times. Although Philip Johnson designed its main building, it had various rebuilds and new buildings added on.

Each collection is carefully curated, and in all, the museum is home to over 13,000 different pieces ranging over a myriad of media. You can find everything from 19th-century landscape and still life to geometric abstraction based on what you want to see.

Popular Past Exhibits

Unfortunately, most exhibits don’t last longer than a year, which often means that once it’s gone: it’s gone. Some of the more popular exhibits were ones like Saya Woolfalk’s Kaleidoscopic Camouflage of 2016, which was bizarre and beautiful and left visitors feeling like they just walked through a pop-art wonderland.

Another famous exhibition was the Century of Sculpture at Sheldon, which led visitors through the thousands of different sculptures that call this museum home, and why they’re so evocative and interesting.

The Current Exhibits

Currently, many exhibits are on display that allows you to take a walk through intrigue and beauty. The Nature of Waste is a collection of multiple different artists exploring what items we see as trash in the modern era. This exhibit walks you through the conversation about what’s valuable and what can be discarded. As you walk through it, you’ll find yourself asking questions about the depth of life and what we hold important to ourselves.

Another fantastic exhibit is Sheldon Treasures. This work shows off the art of the local area by local artists throughout the years. It shows off the natural beauty in things we take for granted, from lakeside shores to the comfort of family and Lincoln apartments.

It’s a fun and interesting exhibition that anyone should visit.

Events that Make It Interesting

Just because it’s a museum doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of life here! Every month different events can mix things up and keep them interesting. The first Friday of every month is completely free and allows visitors to walk through the exhibits and get to know the arts without dropping any money on them.

On top of this, you can also join artists as they discuss their collections or pieces. These talks only happen a handful of times a year, so it’s a good idea to plan if you want to catch them.

How You Can Make It A Part of Your Life

This museum is one that many love and want to get to know better. Fortunately, it offers the chance for you to! Events can be scheduled here, ranging from small gatherings to weddings, so that those who love this museum can make it a permanent part of their memories!