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Top Outdoor Subscription Boxes – What to Expect?

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Do you love outdoor adventures? If so, you understand how critical it is to plan and prepare for your trips. The right gear can distinguish an enjoyable experience from a disaster. Also, the clothes you carry, the food you use, and the tools you bring all play a role in your success.


One way to ensure you stay prepared for your next outdoor adventure is to sign up for an outdoor subscription box. These subscription boxes come with high-quality gear, clothes, tools, and food that help you survive and thrive in the wilderness. For instance, a hiking subscription box will likely include a new pair of hiking boots, a map of the area, and some energy bars.

Ensure you get the best when picking a subscription box. The type of adventure, your budget, and the quality of gear are all factors to consider. To help you choose, here are seven outdoor subscription boxes you shouldn’t miss.

1. BattlBox

For every month’s adventure, you need the right gear. BattlBox sends you a curated selection of the latest and greatest in outdoor supplies. It helps you accomplish any mission, whether you love hiking, camping, or fishing.

BattlBox also has different subscription levels to fit your needs and budget. The four choices include Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus. The Basic plan is ideal for those who are just getting started with their outdoor adventures. The Advanced and Pro plans are perfect for the more experienced adventurer. The Pro Plus plan is the top tier and includes top-of-the-line gear.

Since Battlbox delivers a box each month, you get your next adventure gear ready on time. The outdoors monthly subscription boxes renew every month, and you can cancel at any time to stop billing when you take a break from your adventure. You will always receive products of a value greater than what you pay.

2. Crate Club

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This subscription service sends you monthly boxes of outdoor gear and supplies. It is like a care package for your next camping trip or hike. Themed around a different outdoor activity each month, Crate Club includes gear for hiking, fishing, camping, and more.

Crate Club carefully curates each box to include only the best gear. The products are all field-tested by experts before approval for inclusion. This way, you can be sure they fit your next outdoor adventure.

The subscription comes in three levels; Lieutenant, Captain, and General. Each contains better quality gear as you move up the ranks. The Lieutenant level is for beginners, while the Captain is perfect for more experienced adventurers. General is a package specifically for professionals who need an ultimate tactical adventure. You can also choose between quarterly and annual billing to match your needs.

3. Hiker Crate

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Hiker Crate is a subscription box service that sends monthly boxes of gear and supplies specifically for hikers. This package has everything you need, like hiking food, maps, and guides to clothes and essentials.

Although this subscription comes only in one level, you can get discounts by opting for a quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly plan. This way, you will not have to worry about gear for your next hike, as Hiker Crate has covered you. Each extended subscription reduces the monthly cost of your gear.

4. Survival Box

Sometimes, outdoor activities can get to extremes. Prepare for the worst-case scenario with a survival box. This subscription sends you monthly boxes of gear and supplies specifically for survival situations.

Their emergency supplies and survival gear are perfect for any situation. You get unique products to help you with emergencies and survival and three to six outdoor adventure items, food, and seeds.

5. The Wild Woman Box

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Female outdoor lovers experience more challenges than men when it comes to gear. The Wild Woman Box is a subscription service that sends monthly boxes of supplies for women who love adventure and the outdoors. This way, you can focus on your outdoors and not worry about missing your essentials.

Items in the box are body products, energy bars, snacks, outdoor gear, and more. You can choose between a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual subscription. Each delivers a package monthly, but a higher billing gives you a better discount.

6. The Keto Box

Who does not like food? The Keto Box is a subscription service that sends you monthly boxes of keto-friendly snacks and food. This way, you can have energy for your outdoor activities – hiking, cycling, or running. The snacks in this box are perfect for those on a keto diet or people who want to try the keto diet.

Apart from ten or more snacks delivered monthly, you get access to monthly keto snack discounts, a 28-day meal plan, and a members-only plan where you can save some bucks on your purchases. All purchases come with free delivery. Improve your outdoor performance with these energetic foods that help burn fats faster.

7. Isle Box

Beginners may not be ready for challenging and extreme outdoor activities. Isle Box is a subscription service that sends you seasonal boxes of gear and supplies specifically for those new to the outdoors. This way, you can get hands-on experience with different outdoor activities without putting yourself in danger.

Each box contains different gear and supplies for a particular season. You can use the products in the box to complete the activity. Also, you can choose to subscribe for one, two, or four-season cycles. Another advantage is that you can get customized clothing and footwear according to gender and size.

Each mystery box from Isle Box contains food. Vegan-specific or gluten-free options make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. You can have a great time with family and friends while being active outdoors.


Outdoor activities are a great way to get exercise and fresh air. However, you must prepare your gear and supplies before you go. These seven subscription boxes make it easy to get everything you need for your next outdoor adventure. From clothes and food to survival gear, these boxes have you covered. Choose one according to your needs to get ready for your next adventure.