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University Exams: How To Pass Everything

In the weeks before a session discouragement is a king among students, too many notions, too many exams. Finding yourself taking many exams in a month can be challenging but with commitment, sacrifices and dedication the results arrive.


In this article, you will find the practical strategies with which you will be able to pass the exam session. And if you also want to get some tips on how to write my essays topic, keep on reading as well, as you might find some useful information for yourself.

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Find The Motivation

First, you need to find the motivation to take the exams and stop postponing your study. In my case, the thrust came from fatigue. Yes, it seems almost a paradox, but the tiredness of living every day with a weight on your back, a weight formed by exams, backward or not, can be an important motivation to return to studying.

Sitting in punishment ” behind the blackboard ” for 2 hours and lecturing yourself is a good thing: focus on your potential and decide to get serious, not to mention the kilos of fatigue that will fall on you every day. And if you need to delegate some of the other tasks like writing essays, do like this and use do my essay service online.

Define your goals, few if possible, and do whatever it takes to achieve them. Once the necessary motivation has been found, the next step is the organization.

Plan Your Exam Session

Planning is useful but planning too much can be counterproductive – avoid losing yourself in the organization more than necessary.

Use the backward planning technique: count the days available starting from the current day (learn never to postpone). With the academic calendar in hand, mark the day of the first exam, got back 5 days, and counted the missing days from the current date. And you’ll find the available days.

Obviously, as the most attentive will have noticed, the days count included Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (birthday included): if you have a goal, it is useless to be so picky and a Sunday (or your birthday) is only one day more to study. But sure you can give yourself a bit of rest by delegating some of the written tasks, like essays, to

Prepare The Material

My advice is to print all the printable. Consulting the material on a computer, in addition to unnecessarily ruining the view, does not allow you to add very useful notes unless you decide to use programs like Evernote, which however have not yet reached the same expressiveness of a pencil controlled by the brain and hand.

Organize Your Study Hours

To organize the study hours, I divided the exams using 2 parameters: difficulty and urgency.

Study no more than 3 subjects a day to avoid confusion. For exams where the practice is essential, read and do step-by-step exercises. If you leave the exercises at the end, you risk having no contact with the (forgotten) theory and you will have to waste time re-reading the different topics.

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Use the pencil! Using the pencil allows you to correct things immediately and not waste paper space on unnecessary erasing. It is very important to have the whole subject under an eye and therefore space optimization is essential. Number the sheets of notes and exercises, so that you can retrieve ideas when needed. And also, you might find this article interesting for your future is written assignments – IMPORTANT FEATURES OF A GOOD ONLINE ESSAY WRITING SERVICE.

Immerse yourself in nature. And what does nature have to do with it?! According to a study by Prof. Berman of the University of Michigan, constant contact with nature allows you to increase your memory. This result can also be obtained just by looking at photos of natural landscapes. In short, nature makes you study successfully.

Memorize The Material

Memory is power and in areas such as engineering, it is essential to remember the correct terms and procedures to perfection. However, and here there is a big deal though, behind the study by heart there must be real learning. The concepts in our memory must be supported by the fact that we have really understood the why of a formula or the generic steps of a proof.

To improve memorization, it is essential to repeat aloud. The auditory memory is in fact more powerful than the visual one and listening to you helps you to order the concepts and the way to express them. If we don’t understand ourselves, how can we expect others to understand us?

Once you have repeated all the material well, and have learned the ways to solve the various exercises and the reasons behind them, you are ready to take the exam in peace (or almost!).


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