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Where to Find Great ACE Study Guides: Pass the ACE Exam

Preparing for any exam is a challenge. When it comes down to it, no matter what kind of exam you are facing the biggest obstacle between you and the score you want is how you spend your time preparing for it. It’s not just enough to study for large exams, you need to have a strategy and plan that can help you gain the knowledge in the allotted time you have so you can pass.


While there generally are two types of people when it comes to taking exams, those who are good at tests and those who struggle with anxiety, there is one common factor between them – and that’s studying. By and large, whether you find yourself anxious or not on test day, the real determining factor for how you perform on the exam comes down to how you studied. As good as it may sound, there just isn’t a way of performing well on an exam without putting the work in.

This is something that is to keep in mind when you are looking to score a passing grade on a challenging exam, like the ACE exam. It’s easy to lose sight of perspective when studying for a mammoth exam, and allow the exam itself to become more intimidating or scary than it actually is. The truth is, the ACE is a difficult test, but you can pass it. It will take a lot of hard work and it will take good studying habits and strategy, but it can be done.

One of the most effective tools to use when preparing for the ACE exam is an ACE study guide. A study guide acts like a roadmap by which you plan out the different stages of your study time. If you have been wondering how a study guide could help you pass the ACE exam and where to find one, this is everything you need to know!

Do You Really Need a Study Guide for the ACE Exam?

The ACE exam for a personal training certificate is one of the most popular pathways to becoming a personal trainer. Accredited by the NCAA, this exam has been taken and conquered by hundreds of students, however it still holds as one of the most difficult exams in the industry. The exam covers four domains of knowledge and is 150 questions long and you are given three hours to complete it.

One of the main reasons that this exam is considered so challenging is the coursework for the exam. The ACE textbook is over 800 pages long and covers a lot of ground. This makes the hardest part of successfully taking the exam knowing how to study well, and what to pay attention to. With so much content, it’s easy to see how students can get overwhelmed or just focus on areas of low yield.

A study guide helps students ensure that they are actually spending their time wisely as they prepare. One of the worst feelings in any exam is when you show up after putting hours and hours of work into studying, just to realize that you are being tested over the content you didn’t prioritize. The truth is, with so much content to learn, it’s easier than you may think to do this.

High Yield and Low Yield Information

In general, there are two kinds of information that students will encounter when studying for an exam. An exam will typically never have the capacity to test you over every single thing that you study, so it focuses on content that is both high and low yield. Information that is high yield will be information that is heavily covered in the exam. This could be information or concepts that are the subject of several test questions. When you study, it’s imperative that you focus the majority of your learning attention on high-yield subjects – that way you have a chance of scoring the most points on an exam.

Low yield information is also important, however, its chances of being highlighted on the test at least substantially are small. This information is still important to know and understand, but it shouldn’t be given the same kind of capacity and energy as high-yield information. The study guide from Trainer Academy for the ACE exam helps students differentiate between high and low-yield content during their studying.


By utilizing a study guide that’s designed to help you focus on information that will be highlighted on the test, you can get a substantial ROI on your study time. A study guide isn’t supposed to give you the answers to an exam, but instead help you understand how to structure and digest the information needed in order to get a good score. The ACE study guide from Trainer Acemeday has been intentionally developed to help students study well so they can get the passing score they need on the ACE CPT exam.