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Why Are Marble Countertops So Expensive?

Marble is an excellent material for countertops with its elegance, luxurious vibe, and outstanding durability. It is a stone that has been the symbol of grandeur and prosperity throughout history. It has adorned the stunning Taj Mahal, the iconic Renaissance Cathedrals, and many other extraordinary structures since the first day it was used as a building material. The iconic and elegant vibe of the marble is often in our kitchens, right at the top of our counters.


However, with excellent quality may come relatively high pricesMarble is not a cheap material in itself. If you have been wondering the reason behind the sumptuousness of the marble countertops you have gazed at by now, read on because this article explains the wonderful qualities of marble and the factors that make some marble countertops rather pricy.

Is Marble Really That Expensive?

First and foremost, although they are never very cheap, marble countertops are not always so expensive. The quality of a marble product changes a lot; hence, marble prices vary greatly depending on the type and style of the stone. Therefore, marble countertops can be both: quite affordable and incredibly high-ticket. Although you can opt for more affordable options by following a certain path to the purchase, you can also go for glitz and glam and choose Calacatta: the most expensive marble in the world.

The most impactful factor that marble prices depend on is probably aesthetics. The prettier the stone is, the higher the price gets. Other factors that have an impact on the price of marble countertops are as follows:

  • Availability: Marble slabs that carry particular qualities regarding colors and patterns, such as pure white marble, which has only a few veins are quarrier much rarer than others. Hence, their prices are higher.
  • The thickness of the Marble Slab: The thicker the marble slab is, the higher its price is driven. Standard marble slabs are 18 mm thick, whereas the thickness of certain types of exotic marble can go up to 20 mm.
  • Type of Surface Finish: Marble slabs can be sold as either polished or unpolished. If you opt for the 3D surface finishes, the prices go up.
  • Treatment, Processing, and Application: How it is processed and treated affects the quality of a marble slab in terms of aesthetics and durability. Hence, the treatment processes have an impact on the pricing as well. In addition, the price varies depending on the application area of the marble slab.
  • Home Fashion: Home styling trends are another factor that affects marble prices. If a marble pattern or color is in demand due to current trends, the price of that specific type of marble naturally increases.

Are Marble Countertops Worth It?

Can you measure timeless beauty with money? Not very likely. That is the case for marble as well. The character and elegance marble will bring to your kitchen are priceless. The answer is: yes; marble countertops are definitely worth it. Plus, there are a few ways to lower the costs.

The first and most important trick is to work with a team of professionals. Consulting experts and having them show you all the available options go a long way in saving money. Making the right choice also proves to be cost-effective in the long run.

The second trick to make your marble countertop purchase more affordable is to pick darker tones, prefabricated marble slabs, or slabs with negligible imperfections. You can also pick up on-sale leftover marbles from other projects.

Advantages of Marble Countertops

There are countless advantages of marble countertops that make them worth their price, at least for those with adequate financial means or an extensive budget reserved for their kitchen remodeling project.

  • The biggest and most apparent advantage of marble countertops is that they add value, beauty, and an atmosphere of splendor to your kitchen.
  • The second most significant perk of marble countertops is their strength and durability. Marble is a metamorphic stone composed of dolomite/calcite for the most part and also has seashells, plants, skeletons, organisms, and other elements in its mix. Structurally, it resembles onyx, travertine, and limestone, which are all cousins of marble. Having such a structure provides the marble slabs with excellent durability. Since they offer great longevity, they compensate for their price.
  • Another benefit of employing marble slabs in your kitchen is that marble countertops cleaning and maintenance are quite effortless. Wiping the slabs using a piece of cloth with warm water and soap will be adequate to maintain them after their installation.
  • Last but not least, since marble is a natural stone that does not go through chemical manufacturing processes that are harmful to the environment, it is also environmentally friendly.

Is Marble Countertops More Expensive Than Granite?

Marble and granite are the most favored kitchen countertop materials. Both offer many excellent qualities; therefore, it is a tough choice to pick one. The recipe inevitably boils down to the issue of price in such cases of indecision. Unfortunately, though, the answer to the question as to which one is more expensive than the other is not crystal clear because the prices of both materials vary depending on their qualities, types, colors, and styles. The crucial thing is to pick the suitable material and slab for your kitchen.


Coming with endless advantages, from elegant appearance to adding value to your home, marble countertops are considered a wise investment. Although they are amongst the most expensive countertops materials, they are really worth it!