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Couple’s Instagram Photo Goes Viral And They Have No Idea Why


For a couple that had become quite well-known thanks to their dominating presence on social media, they were quite confused when one of their photos went viral. While they had posted pictures of themselves together before, no other photo garnered as much attention as this one did. To say they were confused would be an understatement, which made them decide to get to the bottom of why this picture was so unique.


You won’t believe why…

Before They Were Stars


Long before Wendy Joseph and Dan Hennessey were social media sensations, they were both young students hoping to make something of themselves. This was before social media had really become that popular, and the two students had ever met. However, all of that would change in 2007.

The Birth of Facebook

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When Facebook first started, it was designed solely for college students. Dan was 18-years-old and a sophomore in college studying Fitness Science. Wendy had just graduated from high school and was hoping to pursue a career in healthcare. Both young students would soon find themselves attracted to the Facebook platform.

Making New Friends


Dan had hoped to expand his social circle and meet new friends through the social media site. While searching for new friends, he came across a girl named Daphne that he shared mutual friends with. Unfortunately, after several messages she never replied. However, when scrolling through her friend’s list Dan came across Wendy.

Completely Smitten

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Dan found Wendy to be absolutely stunning and knew he just had to meet her. He messaged Wendy, but since she was new to social media and wary of meeting people on the internet, she decided to consult with her friend Daphne about Dan first. Of course, Daphne had a few things to share…

No Thanks


Daphne revealed to Wendy that Dan had also messaged her. Thinking Dan was just some player looking to meet a few easy girls, Wendy decided to not message him back. She didn’t think much of it until Dan messaged her again. Now, she was curious about the strange young man.

Mutual Friends


After scrolling through Dan’s Facebook page, Wendy realized they had mutual friends. Therefore, she decided to message him back. Soon, they began to converse back and forth, quickly becoming friends. At this point, Dan wanted to meet in real life and invited her to a party at his home… the only problem was there wasn’t going to be an actual party.

Quick Thinking


The reason there wasn’t an actual party is due to the fact that Dan never thought she would accept his invitation. However, when she did he knew he would have to scramble to get one pulled together. Thankfully, his friends came to the rescue and they were able to throw an awesome party!

Hitting It Off


When Dan and Wendy finally met face-to-face, they instantly hit it off. They danced the night away and after everyone left the new friends stayed up for hours talking. However, things wouldn’t be love at first sight for the couple, despite their magnetic chemistry.

Choosing Close Friends

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Since Wendy had just broken up with her long-term boyfriend and Dan was still enjoying his bachelor ways, they decided it would be best to remain close friends. However, after six months everything changed…

Meant to Be


Trying to stay “just friends” was near impossible for Wendy and Dan, both realizing they were in love with each other. They decided to give a relationship a try and for seven years things were amazing. Unfortunately, Wendy came to a painful realization…

Who Am I?


After seven years together, Wendy didn’t know who she was as an individual. She wanted to stay with Dan, but at the same time could see their lives had become so intertwined they weren’t able to stand on their own. Wendy knew what she needed to do, but was worried it would break Dan’s heart.

Going Their Separate Ways

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In the end, Wendy decided to break up with Dan so they could forge their own paths in the world. The decision was hard, but Dan agreed it was the right one to make. Therefore, after seven years, the couple chose to go their separate ways.

Finding A Purpose


During their time apart, Wendy started her own YouTube channel called Wendy’s Curls. Realizing she had found her calling, she began to garner quite the following as she gave out hairstyling advice and beauty tips. Soon, her channel caught the attention of her ex-boyfriend. Dan began to watch Wendy’s videos and soon reached out to her. Realizing their love for one another was not going to go away, they decided to get back together. Thus, they began a new and exciting chapter in their lives.

A New Partnership

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After they rekindled their relationship, Dan began to appear in Wendy’s videos. Soon, the videos began to switch from beauty advice to relationship advice and the couple started an Instagram account together. As their presence on social media grew, their love grew stronger.

Ten Years Together

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Wendy decided to post a photo of her and Dan together, that showed a time lapse of when they first met to the present. She never expected the photo to get so much attention. It was shared with news outlets and achieved over 60,000 likes. As the media began to pick up the story, the post quickly went viral. Why was this particular photo so popular?

The Fountain of Youth


One aspect of the photo that people were most shocked by was how the couple looked even younger after ten years! It was as if they were “aging in reverse.” People demanded to know the couple’s secret! Who knew their youthful appearance would cause a simple before and after photo to go viral?

Fitness Focused

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Of course, there was no secret, the couple always promoted a healthy lifestyle and fitness was an important part of their lives. They even founded their own fitness and coaching company True4YouFitness. To say their lives were better than ever would be an understatement.

A Paris Engagement


After ten years together, the couple recently took the next step in their relationship and became engaged. Dan proposed on a romantic trip to Paris, which was captured on their YouTube channel. Wendy was so excited she even forgot to put the ring on. The next phase in their lives had officially begun.

Living A Life of Adventure


After their engagement, Dan and Wendy decided to fulfill their dream of traveling across the world. They went to Thailand, Costa Rica, Thailand, and even Colombia! We hope their love story is a long one.