Drama, Divorce, Plagiarism: Everything You Don’t Know About ABC’s TV Show, Once Upon a Time – News
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Drama, Divorce, Plagiarism: Everything You Don’t Know About ABC’s TV Show, Once Upon a Time

ABC Television’s popular show, Once Upon a Time, is now in its sixth season. The show, which features retellings of classic fairy tales and children’s literature, starts with the premise that the Evil Queen – old crone who attempted to derail Snow White’s happy ending with Prince Charming – has finally defeated her old foes. She lives in our world, in a sleepy town called Storybrooke, Main, where nothing – and no one – is what it seems.

The show’s heroine is Emma Swan, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who is the Savior returning to Storybrooke in order break the curse, which was put on the town by Regina Mills, aka the Evil Queen. The twist is that Emma had a child as a teenager and then gave him up for adoption… and he was raised by Regina, her parents’ enemy! This twist is unbeknownst to Emma when the series opens and a lot of the drama of the first season is Emma meeting her son, Henry.


Of course since Henry’s other mom is Regina, the two cross paths often, which sets the show up for some interesting subtext. Once has a reputation for action, adventure, romance and even a little magic. Some have said the show often seems to be spinning tales that are a bit too close to their Disney-fied versions. However, the drama of the show often pales in comparison to what goes on behind the scenes. This is the Untold Story of Once Upon a Time.

Like Their Characters, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas Had an Affair

At the beginning of Once’s first season, Snow White and Prince Charming are beset by a curse that renders them different people living in modern-day Storybrooke. When Dallas’ Prince Charming wakes from his coma, he does not know that he was destined to be with the local schoolteacher, Mary Margaret, whose secret identity is Snow White. The characters are inexplicably drawn to each other, even though Charming is actually married to someone else. Mary Margaret’s car even gets vandalized after townspeople catch on to their affair.

Dallas’ Storybook Marriage… to Someone Else


Snow and Charming weren’t the only ones having an affair. Josh Dallas, who plays Charming, was married to English actress Lara Pulver when he started on Once Upon a Time in 2011. Pulver had met Dallas when he was in the UK, where he studied acting at the Mountview Academy of Theater Arts. The two met in 2003 and married four years later at Christmas.

The wedding of Pulver and Dallas seemed like a fairy tale itself, taking place in a 16th century barn in Devon. They honeymooned in the Maldives. Pulver was known for working in the theater and also had several saucy TV roles, including wielding the dominatrix whip for the BBC’s Sherlock and acting as Sookie Stackhouse’s fairy godmother on season three of True Blood.

So it was all going swimmingly for Pulver. As of September 15, 2011, Pulver was still blissfully unaware that Dallas was shacking up with his co-star Ginnifer Goodwin (Mary Margaret/Snow White) in Vancouver.