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Game Changer: The Three-Pointer’s Impact On Soaring NBA Scores 

Do you remember when the Miami Heat was defeated by the San Antonio Spurs in 2014? They did that using a terrific ball movement that led to three openings. The same thing happened when the Golden State Warriors won the league that year. It was the three-pointer shooting tactic. 


The Three-Pointer is one of the newest rules in basketball created to increase scoring and make games more interesting. In the modern NBA, the three-point shot is vital to every team’s offense. 

Players must learn how to shoot three-pointers in the perfect world. It has done more than make the game interesting. It has revolutionized the game, and we should care about them during the NBA games this year. 

The three-pointer has become a game-changer in the NBA scores, and we are about to find out why and how.

When and why the 3-Pointer was Invented

The three-pointer first appeared in the 20th century when different organizations and leagues experimented with scoring systems and regulations to make the game more dynamic and exhilarating. However, the concept of the 3-point line began to take shape in the 1970s, and they have significantly impacted the NBA scores today 2023

In 1961, the American Basketball Association adopted a 25-foot “3-point circle,” which awarded players three points for jumps beyond that point. A 30-foot 3-point was used to experiment with this technique until the early 1970s when it finally became a distinguishing characteristic in the league.  

The NBA has made some changes over the years by bringing it back to the current location of 22 feet in the corners and 23 feet, 9 inches everywhere in the court.  

The three-pointer line was invented to help increase the excitement and scoring during the NBA games. Throughout the years, it has helped in leading more explosive games with very high scores.

With the introduction of the 3-point line, players can shoot from farther away from the basket and create more opportunities for long-range shots, which increases the scoring possibilities of the game.

The aim of introducing the 3-point line was to encourage players to have a more varied and strategic gameplay as it enabled the teams to include more outside shooting in their offensive tactics. Back when there was no 3-point line, there were only 93 points per game, but with its introduction, we can see an average of 117 points.

Watch out for three-pointers during this year’s NBA games in October, and see if either of the teams starts hitting 3 after 3. The 3-pointers are worth so much and can make an opponent team struggle from behind the arc.

How the 3-Pointer Has Revolutionized the NBA 

With the 3-point line being a viable option, NBA teams have adjusted most of their tactics. They are training more and more of their players to be capable of 3-pointer shooters. Most, if not all, coaches are taking advantage of the open 3’s around the perimeter and changing how they approach games

Most players who used to work hard for close-up baskets and mid-range are now sitting on the perimeter shooting threats that must be defended.

Coaches are finding it beneficial to foul 3-point shooters intentionally to regain possession of the basketball. This may seem counterintuitive, but if a player fouls from behind, away from the shot attempts, there is no chance they can score from such spots. This will allow the team to score before halftime and give you possession of the ball. 

How Important is the NBA?  

The 3-pointer shot used to be a novelty in the past, but it is a must-have these days. The other normal shots are worth two points, while 3-point shots are worth three points, which makes a crucial difference during playoffs. 3-point shots are essential for teams to win NBA games because the team can score more goals with a single shot. 

It is also vital since it widens the court, giving more room for the players to maneuver. When a team has many players posing a danger during the game, the defense must cover three-point shooters, opening more space for the other players to score.  

For instance, when you look at the current NBA, there is a more significant number of “stretch” players who can shoot from outside, and they have emerged because of the focus they have placed on 3-point shooting.  

It is also important to note that the 3-point line has the ability to change the momentum of the game. When a team makes a string of 3-pointers, it is energized by its supporters. However, when the team misses a 3-pointer, their confidence is damaged, and their opponents gain an advantage.  

The 3-point shooting was created for higher scores and excitement, and the teams struggling from behind the arc are advised to change things soon, or they may find themselves disadvantaged compared to their opponents.  

The Three Best 3-Point Shooters 

Stephen Curry, Ray Allen, and James Harden are the three best-pointer shooters in the NBA. Stephen Curry has won three championships with various 3-pointer shooting records, and the highest-scoring game has only 3-pointers. 

Ray Allen is the second-best 3-point shooter, with an average of 3 three-pointers made per game. However, because of injuries, Ray retired after 19 years of playing in the league. 

James Harden plays for the New York Nets and has managed to have an average of 3 three-pointers per game with more than 24000 made during his time in the three previous teams.  


Three Pointers has become popular and revolutionized NBA scores due to its excitement. Consider watching out for three-pointer tactics during the NBA league this year and see how it impacts the scoring.