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Mother Leaves Unconscious Child At Grocery Store, You Won’t Believe Who Comes To The Rescue

Lifeless Toddler

The employees of an Australian grocery store got the shock of their lives when a seemingly calm woman entered the store and placed her lifeless toddler on the check stand. For a moment, everyone was confused as the woman proceeded to walk away, leaving her child with complete strangers. Her actions shocked everyone.


 Nightmare Caught On Film

The store’s CCTV camera caught the entire nightmare on film, highlighting the mother’s bizarre actions. Amy Collard is seen coming into the shot from what appears to be one of the store’s aisles, carrying her daughter’s limp body. The child was fine when she entered the store, but at some point stopped breathing and lost consciousness.

Suspicious Actions

When Collard is seen leaving the store, other shoppers look confused, as they’re unaware of the seriousness of the situation. When they realize what is going on, they fear that the child is choking, so they turn her over and try to clear her airway. Two bystanders desperately try to save the child as time is ticking.

Finding Help

Collard frantically runs out of the store looking for help. For the people still in the store, these actions are shocking, as she doesn’t return right away. A few seconds later, a man comes bursting into the store.

Michael Nargle

By now the child’s father, Michael Nargle, is seen rushing into the store as he has gotten wind of his child’s condition. He frantically begs the strangers to help his daughter, and the scene is absolutely heartbreaking. He is sobbing while uncontrollably running about, trying to figure out what to do.

The Heimlich

The child doesn’t respond to the Heimlich maneuver and her arms and legs can be seen flopping around. The crowd is now desperately trying to bring the child back to life when Nargle and a bystander by the name of Rowan O’Neill, grab the child and continue to try to clear her airway. As time keeps ticking, the situation grows dimmer.

One Last Attempt

Local tradesmen Rowan O’Neill knew the situation wasn’t looking good, but also knew he wasn’t ready to give up—it was life or death. Keeping calm, O’Neill recognized the intense patting on her back to clear her airway, wasn’t working. Trying one last thing, he placed the child on the check stand to get ready for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


The parents were lucky to have someone like O’Neill around, as he knew someone needed to stay calm and take control. Many who have seen the video have praised O’Neill for his courageous actions. However, in the moment, he just acted on instinct.

Instincts Kick-In

“I jammed my finger into her throat, and pulled her mouth open. We just started giving CPR, short small breaths because she’s only got little lungs…”, he told an Australia’s Channel 9. He didn’t have much time to think, but luckily when he was needed the most, he knew what to do. After the incident occurred, O’Neill was asked how he felt when it was all happening, and he admitted he was “terrified”.

No Response

A woman helps hold the child as O’Neill desperately tries to pump air back into the little girl’s lungs. As it has now been almost 90 seconds without oxygen, everyone knew time was running out. Nargle is seen panicking as he realizes his baby isn’t responding.

Sheer Horror

As the baby continues to lie limp, Nargle is seen realizing his worst nightmare might have just come true. A bystander comforts him and brings him closer to his child, trying to cling on to the last ounce of hope. No one gives up trying to save the baby, but time is getting dangerously close to the point of no return.


Just when everyone thought the worst had occurred, the child’s eyes opened and she began breathing on her own. In an instant, relief rushes over the witnesses and Narkle thanks O’Neill with a warm embrace. All the shoppers were sobbing as this heart-wrenching incident came to an end with a wonderful outcome. Although, she wasn’t out of the woods just yet.

Rushed To The ER

Not only had Skylar lost consciousness and wasn’t able to breathe for nearly 90 seconds, she was also extremely hot. The child was suffering from a severely high temperature, so she was rushed to the ER.

At The Hospital

When doctors examined the child, they determined that her condition was caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Whatever she was suffering from caused the high fever that lead to the loss of consciousness, so to make sure she was OK, Skylar spent the night in the hospital. After only one night, she was able to return home.

The Aftermath

Australia’s Channel 9 News caught up with Mrs. Collard after the horrific incident and asked her how she felt about the local hero who saved her daughter, “I appreciate what he did, and I’m lucky he was there at the time when I went to give Skylar to him because I didn’t know what he was”. O’Neill doesn’t think he’s a hero, although many people beg to differ,“Like I said to a few other people, I was just there. … It just had to be dealt with.”