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Top Bathroom Decor Trends That You Should Consider In 2020

Are you planning to spruce up your home this year? Whether you are looking for great tips to declutter your home or useful tips to revive your bedroom, there is plenty of online inspiration to inspire your next home makeover. The bathroom is one area of your home that can often be neglected, but has many creative ways that you can make it stand out and shine. Bathrooms no longer have to have a plain white colour scheme or just stick to one colour in the colour palette. This year is the chance to be brave and bold with your bathroom interior design and see how you can update your space. From your wall tiles to your accessories, here are just some top decor trends you could use in your bathroom this year.


Add some nature to your bathroom space

At the start of 2020 nature was having a more prominent role in bathroom designs. According to Ideal Home, the jungle bathroom trend was gaining popularity on Instagram with the hashtag #Junglebathroom and was used in over 1,000 posts in February. As our bathrooms are one of the places where we can take some time for ourselves, decorating with indoor plants can help to create a calming bathroom atmosphere. Why not spruce up your bathroom this year and see which gorgeous plants you could add to yours this year?

Adding a splash of colour to your bathroom

There are many different colour schemes that you can use in your bathroom, from calming green to relaxing blue. But if you are wanting to add a creative splash of colour to the room then there are many ways that you can do it! Soft furnishings are just one way that you can match a bolder colour to your main colour scheme. Your bath towels, bath mat, and even your shower curtain can all adopt the same accent colour to pair with your overall scheme. You could even add splashes of colour to your more permanent fittings too, by incorporating colour into border tiles, bathroom fittings, and shelving.

Being creative with your bathroom tiles

If you’re looking for ways to give your bathroom a unique and eye-catching design, then you can always experiment with new bathroom tiles. Whether you are decorating your walls or your floors, there are many different styles, sizes, and finishes of tiles that you can use in your bathroom. Glass and marble are just some popular finishes that would look sleek and stylish in a bathroom. Why not see which creative patterns you can create with mosaic tiles? Mosaic Village has a great guide onCreating Different Patterns With Your Tiles’ that is full of inspirational styles such as herringbone, linear, hexagon, and more that you could use in your bathroom.

Neutral colour schemes are still very much on trend

For many years now neutral has been a popular colour for many different areas of the home. It hasn’t gone out of style as the colour is so versatile and can be used in many different ways. If your bathroom has no windows, neutral coloured tiles, mirrors, and layered lighting can help you to easily brighten up a dark bathroom. Whether you are into warm tones or cool tones, neutral can be great to use for your floors and walls. Neutral colour schemes can also help you to create a warmer feel for your bathroom rather than a colder one with colours like grey and blue.