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Watch This Texan Man’s Tearful Reunion With His Pitbull Who Was Kidnapped 3 Months Ago

How far would you go for your pet? Would you travel around 1,000 miles to reunite with your pet if you had lost him? Well, one man was willing to and it was quite the emotional reunion.

20. Texas

Image: Animal Channel

Dara Prak is a Texas resident who is absolutely in love with his pit bull, Titan. Titan and Dara have been absolutely inseparable since the pair were brought together.

19. Puppy Love

Image: Animal Channel

Dara first got Titan when he was only a tiny puppy. The young man immediately fell in love with the pup and their connection was very strong. Their bond was unbreakable and Dara felt like he met his best friend.

18. One Year

Image: League of Power

Dara had Titan for one year when tragedy struck the pair. In March 2018, Titan disappeared and Dara couldn’t find him anywhere. It was horribly upsetting…

17. Vanished

Image: Dottie’s Pet Boutique

It seems that Titan just vanished into thin air. The only thing that was remaining was his collar, which was lying on the ground. However, the collar was a very important clue for one big reason!

16. Collar

Image: barkchic

When Dara stepped out into the backyard he immediately noticed that the collar was lying on the ground. This led Dara to suspect one thing only: Titan had been stolen.

15. Heartbroken

Image: WDEF

Dara was completely heartbroken when he realized that Titan was nowhere to be found. He had searched for him everywhere but it became obvious the dog was long gone. Not willing to give up, Dara came up with a new plan.

14. Facebook Posts

Image: Wired

Dara wanted to do everything that he could to find his lost dog. He began writing up Facebook posts about the situation and shared them with his friends. He hoped that someone out there would have some answers.

13. Shelters

Image: ILoveMyDogsSoMuch

Another action that Dara took was to head over to the many animal shelters in the area. He would ask if any new dogs had been brought in. He would then give them Titan’s and leave his information before going to the next shelter.

12. Always

Image: Dog Milk

Dara also did something else that no one knew about. He would keep Titan’s collar and leash with him at all times just in case he came across the dog. Time started to quickly pass by…

11. Three Months


Soon, three months passed by and there were still no signs of Titan. Dara was starting to slowly lose hope that he would ever be reunited with his best friend. It was a harsh reality to face.

10. Phone Call

Image: Tribulant Software

Then one day, the most unexpected phone call came through to Dara. It was from a shelter in South Carolina. The shelter called Dara asking him if he was missing a dog!

9. Discovery

Image: Facebook/ABC13-Steve Campion

Dara immediately answered the call with a resounding, “Yes!” The shelter worker explained that they had found a horribly skinny dog walking along the road. Once they scanned his microchip they found out who he belonged to.

8. Far Trip

Image: Facebook/Prak Dara

I got that phone call and knew. I just knew I had to get to South Carolina,” Prak told ABC News. “It was about 16 hours with stops. I just can’t wait to see him. I can’t wait to see him. We’re going to be back together. He’s home. He’s my baby.”

7. Heading Out

Image: ABC 13 Houston

No distance was too far to separate a man from his best friend. Despite it being such a long trip, Dara and his girlfriend hopped into the car and began to make their drive over. They wanted to get there as soon as possible.

6. The Moment

Image: ABC13 Houston

Finally, Dara and his girlfriend reached the animal shelter. Dara couldn’t contain his excitement. He was finally going to be reunited with his best friend in the world!

5. The Reunion

Image: ILoveMyDogSoMuch

I never lost hope in finding him,” said Prak. “I just didn’t know it would be in South Carolina.” The two were reunited and it was incredibly overwhelming for both of them. There was a lot of emotions in the air.

4. Overwhelmed

Image: ILoveMyDogSoMuch

In a video recorded of the moment, you can see that both Dara and Titan were overwhelmed by the moment when they saw each other again. However, Titan once again showed his true colors and his tail began to immediately wag when he saw Dara.

3. Tears of Joy

Image: FuzzyDose

As soon as Dara saw Titan’s tail wagging he began to cry out tears of joy. After months of searching in desperation, he had Titan back in his arms. It was an unbelievable moment…

2. Back Home

Image: Animal Channel

Dara packed up Titan and started off on the drive back home to Texas. Titan is slowly healing from the injuries he sustained while he was out in the streets. Dara has been helping him recover.

1. True Friendship

Image: FuzzyDose

Dara and Titan are the perfect definition of a true friendship. Dara searched relentlessly for Titan and when he finally received a phone call to travel far for his friend he didn’t hesitate at all!