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When These Tiny Puppies Got Stuck In A Pool Of Tar, They Could Only Cry For Help As Time Was Running Out

20. Trapped and Calling for Help

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When it comes to our pets, we’d do anything for them. Whether you’re a dog lover or enjoy the companionship of a feline, these bundles of furry joy are always there for us with their unconditional love.


This heartbreaking story begins with three little puppies that found themselves completely stuck in tar. Crying out for help…would anyone come to their rescue?

19. A Decade of Animal Service

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One organization that knows all about coming to the rescue is Animal Aid Unlimited in India. Over the past ten years, they have given hope to the stray animals living on the streets and have rescued over 60,000 sweet souls who had no one else to turn to. Whether it was mange or broken bones, Animal Aid Unlimited has made sure these castaway animals receive the care and love they deserve.

18. Relying on the Public

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Animal Aid Unlimited relies on the general public in order to help as many animals as they can. They maintain a very active tip line, which allows them to leap into action at a moment’s notice. You never know when an animal might need immediate help.

17. A Public Tip

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It was November 2017 when Animal Aid Unlimited received a tip of three helpless puppies in need of help. Unsure of what to expect, the team was absolutely horrified when they arrived on the scene.

You won’t believe what these poor puppies had been through.

16. Stuck in Tar

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The rescuers arrived to find three, small puppies encased in a pool of tar. The tar had latched onto their fur and due to their wiggling had frozen the poor pups in place. With no way to move or escape, the puppies cried out for help.

Could the rescue to team save them?

15. No Way to Escape

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According to one of the rescuers, it was believed that the puppies had been stuck for quite some time. Realizing that time was of the essence, the volunteers quickly began to set out to free the babies, but they soon realized it wasn’t going to be easy.

14. A Horrible Scene

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“They were so completely stuck, they couldn’t move a muscle. It looked like they’d been engulfed for hours, and one little baby’s mouth was even stuck open.”

13. Really Stuck

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One of the rescuers tried to pull the babies from the tar, but it had hardened around their tiny bodies. There would be no way to transport them unless they took the tar with them. Therefore, one rescuer took a stick and began to free the tar spill from the ground.

12. The Poor Puppies Crises

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One by one, the puppies were removed from their tar prison, sadly, the huge chunks of tar had to come along with them. Would the rescuers be able to remove it?

11. A Tense Rescue


The final puppy removed was in pretty bad shape. She had gotten her mouth stuck in the tar and was unable to close it. The little puppy’s cries were heartbreaking and the team knew they needed to get all three pups back to the hospital ASAP.

10. Back to the Hospital

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Once the puppies got back to the animal hospital, they were immediately given fluids to combat dehydration. Tired, hungry and hoping for a miracle, the puppies put all of their trust in the hands of the rescuers.

9. Cutting Away Tar

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The first priority was to cut away as much of the tar as possible. However, they had to be careful not to cut the puppies’ paws, which could be barely seen in the thick tar.

8. Oil and Dish Soap

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Using a mixture of oil and dish soap, the rescuers began to scrub the puppies’ fur. Little by little, the tar began to loosen up, making it easier to scrub off. The puppies, exhausted from the whole ordeal, nodded off while the team continued their work.

7. Oil Massages

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As the tar continued to come off, the team began to work more oil into their coats. This continued to dissolve the nasty black substance, allowing the puppies to finally move freely. They were almost home free!

6. Pulling Through

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After days of oil massages and dish soap baths, the puppies were finally looking like their normal selves. The rescue team were over the moon with how well they were doing…but one question remained.

Where was their mother?

5. Finding the Puppy’s Mother

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Returning to the original site that they found the puppies at, the rescue team began to search for the puppies’ mother. Thankfully, they were able to track her down and reunite her with the young pups.

4. Thriving in Their New Home

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Safe, fed and well-rested, the puppies began to thrive at the animal shelter. They had no idea how lucky they were. Can you imagine what would have happened if no one had called in the tip about their situation?

3. Looking to the Future

Image: Scribol

As the puppies continue to grow, they will eventually be ready for new homes. Thankfully, the animal shelter has a great track record when it comes to adoptions. These little fur babies are in good hands.

2. Moment in the Spotlight

Image: YouTube

The video of their rescue eventually went viral and was shared across multiple social media platforms. The animal rescue organization received praise for the way they handled the puppies and donations would soon begin to pour in to help other animals in need.

1. Safe and Sound

Image: Scribol

Thanks to the selflessness of these kind animal shelter volunteers, these three puppies were given a new lease on life. We look forward to seeing more amazing rescues come from this wonderful organization.