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3 Popular Payment Trends in 2022


Digital tech innovations accelerated emerging payment trends as most businesses and customers were adjusting to the new market conditions. Today, not only do most merchants have e-commerce platforms where they accept online payments from their customers, but also many customers expect businesses to offer an option to purchase their products or services online.


The evolution of online shopping is unbelievable. In fact, in 2021, over 2 billion people are using some kind of digital banking method to make purchases online, while only seven years earlier, there were approximately 1.32 billion online buyers. Below we will take a closer look at three payment trends that gained traction in 2022.


The rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin triggered a crypto revolution in the business sector. A lot of famous brands like Overstock Tesla, PayPal, Microsoft, and many other small businesses accepted crypto payments.

Cryptocurrencies are deemed an appealing payment method for both crypto owners and businesses because cryptocurrencies are based on decentralized blockchain technology, which features minimal transaction fees, short processing times, and also grants anonymity to the users. The business, on the other hand, doesn’t have any additional fees when it comes to accepting crypto payments.

They only need to invest in a good crypto wallet, and it doesn’t matter whether they work offline or online. They can easily integrate the payment method into their business. It also helps that the blockchain network utilizes high-end encryption technology, which ensures that the payments are processed safely on both ends.

To give an example, online casinos are known for implementing technological innovations in order to stay ahead of the competition and provide a better experience to the users. It’s crucial for them to provide an array of payment methods because, generally, they cater to global audiences and offer a great range of products and services.

For this reason, they were some of the first businesses online that accepted crypto payments on their platforms. Today crypto owners can use their crypto funds to make deposits on online gambling platforms that have a crypto wallet. Also, online casinos offer a wide range of promos and bonuses that include crypto bonus, no wagering requirement bonus, cashback offers, and many other bonuses.

Remain advantage of accepting group agreements for different businesses is that it gives him a chance to community connect with another audience of users and tilt and slide they are investing in crypto with almost no additional costs.


This is a popular payment trend in 2021 for many reasons. First, it allows customers to make bigger purchases and pay over a longer period of time. For businesses, it allows them to build valuable relationships with their customers, reduce their transaction costs, and expand their loyal customer base. Famous corporations offer BNPL services like Klarna, VISA, Affirm, and MasterCard, among others. Even though this payment method is in its early adopter stages, there is great potential for its adoption, especially among younger customers.

Digital Payments 

Digital payment methods, including digital and mobile wallets, have gained traction in recent years. PayPal notably provides great services to both merchants and customers. Actually, PayPal and its subsidiary Venmo’s QR codes are accepted by over 600,000 businesses. Customers are attracted to the safety provided by the brand and the convenience of adding multiple credit cards to their digital wallets.

Otherwise, mobile wallets or tap-to-pay have become more popular for users that want to use the same payment method for shopping in brick-and-mortar stores and online. This gives you a unique opportunity for customers to have a unified shopping experience, and it doesn’t matter whether they purchase products and services offline or online.