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Buy SHIB today: 2023 predictions

A very controversial coin indeed, Shiba Inu took the world of crypto by storm, not 1, not 2, but 3 times already! Some concerns have been raised by the lead analysts as a result of the recent price fluctuations. The S&P 500 crash happened in the 2nd quarter of 2022, which affected most of the markets, including crypto trading. Most of the currencies show steady growth as for the Autumn of 2022, SHIB included. Right now is the best time to buy this «meme-coin», as some trolls are saying.


Who is behind SHIB

To play future profits, it is necessary to know about the project’s past. At first, it began as a joke made by a group of crypto enthusiasts called «Ryoshi». Their aim was to make a Dogecoin (another meme-coin) killer. Fun fact, both of these currencies use Shiba Inu dogs as their face. In August 2020, the first sale has made, «letting the dogs out» for all the investors to grab.

The community was very skeptical at first, calling it «a quick cash grab» at best and «scam coin» at worst. And it was right until 13 May 2021 when Vitalik Buterin made a donation to a COVID fund. The amount was 50 trillion coins (1 billion USD at the time) took the news websites like storm. Overnight SHIB had grown more than 1000% in value putting on the radar for many investors around the world.

Another rise in the value has come from the huge pump made by an anonymous «whale». It was resulted in the 200% raise in the span of a week. With the state of the market today it would be a good investment to buy some SHIB. It is possible to multiply it using shiba inu dice games without any major risks whatsoever.

The rewards other sides hold

What is the best way to gamble if not by its most well-known form of dices. Some dice variants had made it onto the Ethereum blockchain, so it is logical to use your SHIBas there. Ethereum 2.0 will have the tools to help developers to make decentralized applications. Maybe it would be a good moment to refresh the knowledge about how the game is played:

  • choose the outcome;
  • place a bet;
  • watch the dealer drops the dices;
  • see the result;
  • grab the winnings.

Depending on the probability of the successful bet, the risk, and the rewards grow exponentially. For example, betting on the number being higher than 1 had 83% of being successful. In comparison betting on the numbers on the dice being the same yields only 2% success.

Give in to Fortuna to get insight into when it is the right time to risk. The approach is very similar to trading with its sudden spikes and market crashes. And let us not forget about the entertainment value being the lowest in the moment of the latter! Compared to bitcoin dice games, where you are having fun most of the time, try it for today.