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Canadians Leisure Activities on the Internet

Almost 25% of their days Canadians regularly spend on the Internet. What is it – a tribute to the trend or a vital necessity?


Listening to online music, gambling in online casinos, dating and chatting in popular social networks, travelling, and even learning – it is not a complete list of Canadians activity on the Internet.

We asked several reputable statistical portals – what Canadians are most interested in online? What are they most looking for there?

In Canada, the absolute leader among search queries on Google is sports. Canadians love to watch hockey, football, figure skating, the Olympic Games and other sports events.

And one of the strangest queries that Canadians were looking for on the Internet is the so-called “snake diet”. It’s an essence to eat for several hours a day. Also, along with the “snake diet” they drink “snake juice”, which consists of water, Himalayan pink salt, baking soda and several other types of salt.

Canadians are increasingly shopping online. Over the past decade, online consumer sales have grown significantly faster than traditional retail sales. Kijiji online market is especially popular. It’s a place where Canadians like to buy and sell goods and services, find jobs and expand their businesses, and is even considered one of the best second-hand stores in the country. Kijiji translates to “village” in Swahili. Kijiji’s online marketplace brings together Canadians looking for everything from a new phone to a local contractor for a kitchen renovation to a knitting club. On this resource, Canadians make deals, and can even go online in search of adventure!

It should be mentioned that the Canadians love the virtual world of excitement and entertainment. Canadians simply adore online gambling. Today, almost 20 million citizens play at online live casinos in Canada. It should be borne in mind that the population of the country is 37.59 million. Thanks to this number of players, Canada has a permanent place in the top ten of the world ranking for online gambling.

The most popular types of gambling in Canada include: sports betting, lotteries, bingo, slot machines, live casino games – and all this online. It is generally accepted that gambling attracts only men, but in Canada it is not correct: the statistics of players is 53% among men and 47% among women. It is worth noting that women use mobile devices more often than men: 56% of all women play from the phone. In fact, Canada is the only country where you can observe this trend.

What else are Canadians doing online? You can’t list everything – make an appointment to a doctor, find a language program for a child, chat with relatives from abroad, go to a store or on an excursion, attend a concert of a favorite artist or go to a stadium or a zoo. Buying a book or other gift for a loved one – Canadians do all this with pleasure and exclusively on the Internet!

The country also takes a very responsible approach to online education, which ultimately brings results. Competent young professionals appear here primarily in the technical and business sectors.