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Developing A Winning Mindset For New Players At Online Casino Sites



Online gambling, sometimes called online gaming or iGaming, has exploded in popularity recently in no small part due to the pandemic. If you’re trying to find an online casino site to play on, you can compare the latest casino bonuses here.


With most of us entering the third year where we’re either still cooped up or recovering financially from the last two bad years, online gambling combines the growth in boredom levels and the need to earn money now more than ever.

With this in mind, this article has been designed to help you in your online gambling journey in terms of finding win percentages. You should know that winning is not easy, but completely possible. Adjusting your mindsets to the setbacks that you’re going to face is key to making it out on top.

You’ve heard of the casino edge. That’s where games and bet limits are designed to favour the casino. Many people misinterpret this concept, especially when they’re trying to persuade you not to gamble.

We will be talking about how to beat the casino’s edge, why it isn’t true, and a few other ways you can re-tool your mindset into a winning one for the virtual tables. Without further ado, here we go!

Casino’s Edge

This may be the simplest explanation in this article. Basically, the casino edge is a concept wherein an infinite number of games over a long period, the casino is always favoured. This is true, or most probably so at least. Casinos need to remain profitable and pay for the cloud systems, web service, moderators and game designers — not to mention payout players.

However, notice I said infinite. The point of trying to beat the casino isn’t that you will log on to a fair or favoured edge. Many people turn to online gambling as a way to wager against the odds to come out on top. This means that most people using the casino edge as an argument are plain wrong.

See, by not gambling, you are simply leaving potential returns as well as potential losses on the table. The strategy and judgement of knowing when to put some money at the table is part of a kind of wager. As long as you manage your bankroll responsibly, you will never be putting your money at a bigger risk than the one you’ve calculated beforehand.

Furthermore, the casino’s edge is beatable. Think about it this way: If the casino’s edge is 60/40, that means there are still 40% who end up being paid out from the 60%. Now if you think about the real-world economic system where the top 10% hold most of the wealth generated from the hard work of the others, the online casino is that but better. You can beat the edge by being lucky and playing smart, just like in real life.

The only difference? There are more seats at the table here.

Have a Goal

This depends on what game you’re playing, but the game knowledge matters. A lot. Remember we talked about the house edge? The casino edge? Well, the point is that over a long enough period of time, you will lose. You need to know that the point of a casino isn’t to stay a full day, get emotionally invested, and then emerge with a down payment for a house.

The most successful gamblers are the ones with good knowledge of their odds and a willingness to make their target goal and leave the table.

That’s why you need to have a goal and know your game. While these are listed as separate points, it’s impossible to talk about one without mentioning the other, since solid game knowledge is key to understanding how to place stop-losses and profit-taking goals.

Know your Game

If you’re playing poker, for example, you can place your stop losses pretty conservatively and aim to play only a few good hands. Aim to get a sizable pot, and any good poker player will tell you that it just takes a well-executed semi-bluff into a check-raise to earn back your buy-in and 50% more.

In another game like slots, maybe you should leave when you are much less ahead since the very nature of slots isn’t good for winning a lot at one moment. With slots, it is more about consistent risk management and picking good machines.

Knowing the game here also means knowing when to add lines, bet the max, and when to pull back. Going with the flow of the game and always adjusting your play decisions will help set you in a better headspace, which leads to our next points.

Don’t chase losses.

When you get a loss, because of this thing in our brains called loss aversion where losses weigh much more emotionally than wins do, we end up feeling more compelled to win the money back.

Know that with proper play and a cool head you will end up on top over the long run. In fact, just by calming yourself down and playing a good game, you’re putting yourself at a much higher-than-average winning chance.

Do you know what we say? The casino makes losers out of hotheads. Don’t be hotheaded, learn to roll with the punches and take it slow, and you’ll come out on top.


In conclusion, take it slow.

As we’ve mentioned before, keeping a cool and level head is the most important thing in gambling. It’s not just a virtue, it’s a matter of your win percentage, so no matter how you’re feeling, it’s a discipline. Sure, you will lose. In fact, that should be lesson one.

You will lose. Even if you end up winning in the long run, you will still lose much more than you expect. That means you will get upset, but the casino only wants that for itself, so you must learn how to beat it and not let it beat you.

In the end, you need to know what you’re doing. There are only two kinds of players: pros and scrubs. The scrubs are eaten by the pros, and the casino takes a cut out of that transaction. The minute you feel out of control, take a second and step back.

Remember at the end of the day that the money that you’ve lost is already gone and the money that you won can go away twice as easily, and always play responsibly. Take care, and we’ll see you at the tables.