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Does Cannabis Boost Your Creativity?

When we think about marijuana and its effects, there are many that most people who engage in the use of marijuana will agree on. For instance, you’ll likely find many stoners who can tell you stories about times when weed made them break into big fits of laughter. Or you may have heard about marijuana making people end up eating like starving beasts due to the uncontrollable and so very common munchies. But one of the most common conceptions people have about cannabis consumption, aside from the ones previously mentioned, is the one that claims that smoking or taking any other form of marijuana will boost your creativity. Well, is there actual truth in such a statement? The short answer is yes, consuming cannabis does boost your creativity, but allow me to explain how.



In the first place, we should first understand what can be considered creativity as to identify whether this is boosted with cannabis or not.


The dictionary defines creativity as the use of the imagination or original ideas to make something. Even more, creativity is characterised by the capability of perceiving the world in new ways, and this is exactly where we’ve hit the pinpoint we were looking for.


When we’re under the influence of marijuana, our perception of the world is changed, and even for the rest of our lives, and positively, of course. And although this varies from person to person, normally the effects of being stoned will resemble those of relaxation, low stress, relieved anxiety, strong or mild euphoria, depending on the strains, and just a general sense of easiness. All these can be attributed mainly to one of the two most famous cannabinoids in the marijuana family, THC.


Well, all these seem to add up to the perfect frame of mind to feel inspiration rushing in and create something new, or maybe simply to perceive differently something that you would normally find irrelevant or boring. But it all depends though, this doesn’t mean that as soon as you smoke a joint or hit your bong you should expect to create an art masterpiece instantly.


First, you should at least be already sort of creative yourself, open minded and with the tendency to think outside the box. Then you’ll have to consider the stimuli too: when the place you find yourself stoned in makes you feel at ease, then there should be no obstacles blocking you from creating. Likewise the company, if you’re surrounded by stimulating people who take your ideas further then that’s a great combo. But sometimes boring people can cause the exact same effect due to the boredom they’re causing you, which leads your thoughts somewhere far away, it all depends on each of us. However, one of the most crucial aspects about whether marijuana will boost your creativity is your mood at the moment given and how willing you are to express. This doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be happy in order to be creative, in fact, many artists benefit from their down moments to turn them into beautiful creations.


And although you don’t necessarily have to be high in order to be creative, you’d be surprised to find how many famous artists turn to cannabis for inspiration. Maybe it’s just because the whole ritual of smoking a joint feels in a way kind of special for stoners, from the moment of grinding the buds and rolling the joint, till you smoke the joint and sit back to relax, you end up in a sort of trance, in which whichever worries from the day were disturbing you, at that moment they no longer have the power to do so.

So, if you’re an artsy person who likes turning to marijuana for a little creativity boost, then you most likely know that many artists even engage in the cultivation of their own plants, which also feels like an art itself to some. This way, they can ensure that they are planting the adequate strains that work best for them, whether they’re strong Sativas or Indicas, with high or low THC levels, photoperiods, autoflowers, etc. And if you’re yet not planting your own weed but are looking to, then make sure you check out each strains’ data sheet, which many companies such as Fast Buds provide on their websites. And if you’ve come to the conclusion that a certain strain didn’t really work, why not try out a new one?