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How the Premier League Logo Has Evolved


The English Premier League is known around the world as being one of the very best footballing leagues. In terms of branding, the league almost sells itself when you look at some of the big name clubs and players who play in it.


However, the Premier League logo has been something of a success and is instantly recognisable for those who see it and are fans of the game. The league attracts people from all over the world, some who cheer on teams, others who just want to watch good football and even those who take advantage of betting new customer offers. But how has the Premier League logo become so recognisable, and evolved into what it is today?

The Evolution of the Premier League Logo

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of how the Premier League logo has developed has been the lack of a sponsor on the current logo. The league does have a sponsor, but on the new logo which was released in 2016, no sponsor is on it for the first time since the league was created.

The league is still sponsored by Barclays and will remain so until the deal runs out in 2022, but they no longer feature on the logo. In the past, whoever has sponsored the league has been noticeable on the badge too, so this is not just something connected to Barclays.

The logo has always featured a lion, something that the league may have taken from the FA, who have the famous Three Lions logo that England use on their international shirts. The thinking here is that the Premier League is just one aspect of the FA and of football in England, so they are using one lion on their logo.

We have seen different views of the lion, from head shots to full body shots and many that include the lion being on the logo with a football.

What Does Today’s Premier League Logo Look Like?

Depending on who you ask, you will either get the answer that the current Premier League logo is a modern and simplified version of the logo, or you will be told that it is a boring version of it. When you look at the different business logos out there, you will see that some are simply with little impact and others have been designed to get in your face and wow you.

In the past the Premier League have needed to be a company that shouts loudly and shows themselves off to people, in a bid to build up the brand. Now, that is no longer needed and this could be the reason why their logo has taken a backward step to something a lot simpler over the past few years.

It could also be why the league has opted to take off their sponsor too. Rather than focusing on the financial aspect of having a sponsor on the logo, the league want to just have something that is simple and easily recognisable for fans around the world.