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One Crazy Man Decided He Wanted To Mail Himself From The UK To The US, You Won’t Believe What Happens

15. Can You Really Mail a Person?

Image: YouTube/Kill’em

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to mail a human being? It seems like a legitimate question—could a person successfully be mailed to a destination?


Well, one man decided to hatch a plan to do just that and let’s just say the journey is quite fascinating.

14. Failed Mailing Attempts


Youtuber Kill’em is known for his pranks and crazy antics on his channel. Based in the United Kingdom, he’s actually attempted to mail himself twice before. He had two failed attempts trying to ship himself via land and then by sea. This left him with only one option—mailing himself by air.

Could this method finally be successful? Well, according to statistics, the odds aren’t too great.

13. Deadly Statistics


It’s important to point out that this type of stunt is highly dangerous and not recommend. According to statistics, 40-50 people die every year trying to mail themselves around the world.

So you have to wonder…what type of plan has Kill’em hatched to bypass security measures and achieve success?

12. Choosing a Location

Image: YouTube/Kill’em

The first item on his list was choosing a destination. Utilizing an “advanced method” of selection via a dart and map, Kill’em quickly settled on the United States—California to be exact. We have to say that would be quite a lengthy voyage with no access to a bathroom.

With his destination locked, he would now need the perfect container to ship himself in.

11. The Perfect Vehicle

Image: YouTube/Kill’em

Realizing he would need something sturdy to withstand shipping and his weight, the first step was to build a wooden box that could be marked as “fragile.” It would also need to be large enough to move around in and provide an area for food, clothing and water.

Do you think this sounds like a good idea? How does he plan to breathe?

10. Hidden Doorway

Image: YouTube/Kill’em

Kill’em decided to build a doorway into the top of the box that he could screw from the inside. This would allow him to open up the box for more air whenever he needed to. The point was not to have to rely on air flow based on where the box was placed in the cargo hold.

Now that the package design was in place, he would now need to ensure he had enough supplies.

9. Supplies for the Journey


Since the trip would be well over 24 hours, Kill’em made sure to purchase enough snacks and water to get him through the grueling shipment process. As for using the restroom? He purchased a child’s training potty…that’s just…DISGUSTING!

With everything planned out in detail (even bathroom arrangements), it was finally time for the big day.

8. The Time Has Come

Image: Youtube/Kill’Em

With all of the preparations complete, the day of shipment finally arrived. Thankfully, Kill’em had his parents to help. They assisted with making sure he was secure in the box, as well as dropped off to the post office safely.

However, what were the plans post-shipment?

7. A Los Angeles Adventure


The plan was for Kill’em to land in Los Angeles where his dad would be waiting at a hotel. He’d then pick up the crate from the airport. Kill’em made sure to have his passport, so he could easily fly back home.

It sounds simple enough, but would it actually work?

6. Recording the Journey


In order to document the event, Kill’em outfitted the crate with a spycam on the outside, as well as a camera on the inside. He wanted to be sure he knew what was happening with the crate at all times. The last thing he wanted to do was be caught off guard.

Unfortunately, he had no idea just how bad conditions would be inside the box.

5. Inside the Box


With all of the details in place, Kill’em and his parents made their way to the post office to make the drop off. It was then he realized how uncomfortable the journey was going to be. Not only in his cramped space, but the heat, the smell and whether or not he could get in legal trouble if he was caught all posed to be a problem.

However, none of that compared to what Kill’em would face his first night…

4. Boredom Sets In


After only 30 minutes in the crate since his parents dropped him off, Kill’em finds himself trapped in a silent prison. Since he’s still at the post office, he can’t make any noise nor can he play games on his phone.

Do you think he will make it through?

 3. A Horribly Long Night


Once the post office closed, the crate was moved to the sorting/warehouse facility. Now Kill’em faced an extremely long and cold night waiting to be moved to his next destination. With two bottles of water down and an entire bag of Cheetos, one has to wonder when his bowels would start causing problems.

We have a feeling it’s about to get really smelly inside that crate.

2. From the U.S. to U.K.

Image: Youtube/Kill’Em

With the long night behind him, Kill’em is transported to the airport where the crate is successfully loaded into the cargo hold. Now he must endure a long flight to his destination in Los Angeles. The only issue is the toilet, which he finally duck taped closed due to the smell, as well as the extreme cold at the high elevation.

Do you think he will survive the final leg of his trip?

1. The Journey Comes to an Unexpected End


The crate is finally delivered to a hotel in Los Angeles where his dad is staying. Kill’em emerges victorious and it seems he has successfully mailed himself to the U.S. However, there is a catch…in the end the video switches to him as if he were waking up from a bad dream…yes this entire process was one elaborate prank. We have to say “gotcha,” but did you really think that would work?

Please, don’t ever try to mail yourself. It isn’t as easy as you think!