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Photography 101: 5 Ideas To Shoot Amazing Pictures

Photographing can be a pretty tough thing in the real sense, it’s never just about clicking pictures and hoping that the entire thing turns out great. No, it’s so much more. No wonder people take professional courses in photography because it is not a simple walk in the park.


If you are one of those passionate about taking pictures with the wow effects but feel that you need more tips to get that perfect image, then this article is specially made for you.

5 Cool Ideas For Shooting Amazing Pictures


For those who have a great love for anything picture-taking and love to put up great pictures, but not patient enough to sit through the professional photography learning process, the following tips are to help you master the art photography in the fastest and easiest way possible.


1. A Good Camera Ensures The Quality Of Your Photos


A good camera plays a very crucial role in getting the perfect picture and also helping you achieve the photo shoot goals that you so desire. Imagine using a camera that has poor resolution and pixel capacity and expecting a world-class photo that is something of a dream.


When it comes to pictures, an excellent professional camera is advisable. If not available, it’s a relief to know that many smartphones have stepped up their camera games, and are pretty close to the professional ones now. So whichever one is pocket-friendlier to you, make sure it’s a good one.


When getting a camera, it is essential to do the following:

  • Make a selection of a preferable ISO setting, and it is recommended that you make use of the lowest ISO setting to avoid getting grainy pictures.
  • Set the right white balance and set the proper aperture position and set other basic settings appropriately.


2. A Perfect Background Never Fails

Picture taking is all about highlighting something in the most subtle yet noticeable way to draw the viewers’ attention to it. For that to happen, you need a perfect background that will help you highlight your main image or main focus in a way that will wow everyone and display the beauty.


Depending on what your image or focus might be on, your choice of background should match and flow with it. For instance, if your focus is on a person, it is advisable to pick a background that highlights and complements the person’s hair color or clothing in a way that the background does not suffocate the focus, but instead complements it.


There are natural backgrounds like nature, which you cannot exclude when taking a picture. Instead, they can be enhanced to suit your taste, and when using artificial background, you will also have to ensure that it complements the subject.


3. Brighten Your Images Right


You might be wondering why professional photographers always have different kinds of lighting in their studios or why they wait for a specific time of the day for an outdoor shoot? Well, it is all because a bright picture is a great picture. Now note that this brightness does not necessarily mean overflooding of light, but, exposing the appropriate amount of light to brighten a picture.

Natural light like the sunrise or sunset is superb for taking amazing pictures; it adds this incandescent and almost celestial feel to your images. It also gives room to explore the effects of lighting on your photographs.


Artificial lights, on the other hand, are more controllable to suit and blend in for the image to pop out just right. There are tons of artificial lighting equipment that can help enhance the light or muffle it a bit to give the right effect.


4. Positions Matters


When it comes to taking amazing pictures, you need unique photographic tricks to get the right angle and position.


Ever wondered why photographers have the habit of setting or posing people when taking a large group portrait, or why you are asked to stay in a position or pose when taking a snapshot?  It is because when photography is involved, positioning matters.


Getting the right position will ensure that you get the angles right and also all the features necessary to make your photo a masterpiece. A proper perspective with a synchronized pose makes the picture look splendid, and for inanimate objects, the right position brings life to the images every time.


5. Edit It Right


After the entire process of picture taking is complete, do not forget to put the final finishing touches like increasing or decreasing brightness, color augmentation or diminishing, cleaning up blurry points, and selecting the photo with the right angle.


Editing is like the final topping in the photography process. Make sure you don’t overdo the editing. An enhanced picture looks great, but nothing is impressive about plastic and fake-looking images.



For both professional and freelancers alike, taking amazing photographs is key to becoming a successful photographer. Some of the great tips you need to remember are that great backgrounds make a huge difference, brightness is enlightening, getting the right positioning is a must, and finally, editing is the icing on top of the cake. Keep all these in mind, and soon enough, you will be rolling out amazing photos like a pro!