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Pokémon to PAW Patrol: The Latest Review of the Game

A number of different games were released in the recent past, and they are titles from series that the gaming world has developed some level of attachment. The most famous trio are from different reputable developers, namely:

  • Capcom
  • Spin Master Entertainment
  • Pokémon

When you hear the name Pokémon, for instance, it arouses something in you as a gamer. They’ve made a huge impact on the gaming world with Pokémon Go and have never ceased to supply the gaming world with amazing titles since then. So, many gamers will always want to associate with whatever they throw into the market. The new releases include the Pokémon Unite, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, PAW Patrol the Movie, and Adventure City Calls. They offer as much entertainment as the True Blue casino welcome bonus, and we will review them below so you can pick the one that tickles your fancy.

Pokémon Unit

The Unite is a free-to-play game Pokémon used to introduce her fans into new territory – the MOBA setup. It offers something similar to what you will get in the Heroes of Storm or League of Legends. As the game progresses, Pokémon becomes stronger, as he is being controlled by a team that consists of five players. The plot comes with lanes to defend and fight at, and for you to gain EXP faster, you have to fight the jungle mobs. To score points against the enemy and gain victory, you have to defeat the enemies. In the Unite version of Pokémon, you will get a fantastic experience. You will enjoy it because you have enough time to fight. After all, the matches last up to 10 minutes.

Here, there are different characters that you can choose to play. They include fan favourites like Charizard, Snorlax, Gengar, and Pikachu. There are more than 800 Pokémon to select from, and more are to be added. They all have different roles in the game: some are supporters, defenders, while some are attackers.

You have the chance to select the move you want your Pokémon to master. It gives you some flexibility and creativity in the way you enjoy each game. However, to have an edge in battles, you can buy some equipment, which is the point that some people do not like about the Unite. Though the game is free to play, some payment options are available. These will help push you up, and they are unapologetically made to be very open by Unite.

However, payment options do not reduce the fun that the game brings, even if you don’t want to spend a dime. The standard model does not involve very high stakes. The in-game comms are a few here, so the best way to advance is to join hands with teammates and work together. With this game, Pokémon revealed that it still has a lot of ideas to unleash. It is a very fun-filled game, and the ease of play is top-notch. That is why it garnered a lot of fans few days after its release. However, people criticize the pay-to-win system, and it’s left to see how the developers will handle people’s opinions.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

The famous detective series presents another version with a bang. Here, you start off as Ryunosuke Naruhodo, as he sets out on a journey to transform into a renowned lawyer from a lowly law student. He is also followed by his main supporter Susato Mikotoba and many other characters with different roles on his trip. They include aiding, hindering, and entertaining as the game unfolds in the courtrooms, crime scenes, and other places. To master and enjoy the fun delivered by the Ace of Attorney Chronicles, you don’t need prior experience with the series, so it is easy to play. It comes with a proper balance of twists and turns, comic scenes, captivating dialogue, and interesting cases.

In the first case of this crime detective story, you will be defending yourself in a murder trial. The case involves unravelling things like poison, gunshot, and evidence tampering, and many more.  It comes with overwhelming characters, and you will always feel entertained by their false testimonies and outbursts. The game is so interesting that whenever you feel like you’ve had the best, another amazing element is revealed to make you even more entertained. It could be the witnesses recanting their story or anything you never envisaged. The graphics in Chronicles is elegant, the dialogue is appealing, the text is interesting, and the animation and sound effects paint a perfect gaming environment you wouldn’t want to leave. Sometimes, you may even think you are playing a history game, where you examine the relationship between Japan and the British Empire.

There are enough mysteries in all ten trials, and you can spend up to 50-60 hours playing the game if you want to enjoy the complete game. The story mode makes the game progress in automatic mode. Here, you will enjoy a stress-free play-through mode with the evidence presented or questions answered. However, many people may see the game as linear sometimes. There may even be times when you want to take action, and the game refuses to give you a chance immediately.

PAW Patrol

This is a game adaptation of PAW Patrol the Movie: Adventure City Calls. It is almost similar to the earlier PAW Patrol versions like the Mighty Pups and On a Roll. But the graphic here is new and more advanced, and the storyline is also original, but with almost the same gameplay as the older ones. Several missions are involved here, and you start as one of the most popular canines in the world. Here, your main task is to solve some of the problems bedevilling the citizens. You have to do this while navigating through obstacles, picking up badges and treats along the line to get hold of the rewards, and unlocking mini-games in the entire eight missions.

At each level, there will be a time when you will solve problems with the help of the PAW Patrol’s ability. However, in the majority of situations, you need to Press X and see what is happening. So, the youngest kids can handle it and enjoy the fun it brings. At some levels, you will encounter flying, swimming, or driving actions in the bid to pick up treats. But, the best fun for you may be in the mini-games that you unlock with the pups you collect in the main game. Above all, the game is straightforward, simple, and perhaps repetitive, but fans of the TV show will love it like the top casino bonuses.

Where to Play the Games

These games can be enjoyed on different platforms:

  • For the Pokémon Unite, you can play it on the Nintendo Switch for now, while the iOS and Android versions will be ready by September.
  • The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles could be accessed on the PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.
  • To enjoy the Adventure City Calls, you have to use the Xbox One, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. This makes it one of the most cross-platform titles among them.


The review below reveals what we’ve observed about the games. We believe that the developers will go on working on comments from players. On a general note, they are all great games. They come with relatable gameplays and storylines. They are also easy to play for even the inexperienced. So, you won’t lack games to keep you busy with them.