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Renting The Latest Ferrari Models in Dubai


As the car you own or drive represents your class in Dubai, many tourists and commercial travelers who more often visit Dubai prefer to hire luxury supercars during their stay. If you are planning a business trip to Dubai, you can choose any latest model of Ferrari from a Rent A Car Dubai company for your long term stay in Dubai.


Are you thinking about why to choose a Ferrari for your official trip? The reason is this luxury supercar is not only popular due to its outlook but also due to its efficient engine, comfortable cushioning, and other amenities which make its interior amazing as well. The more latest vehicle you will drive, the more classy and elite you will be considered in Dubai.

Here are some new latest models of Ferrari that you can rent during your Dubai trip.

Ferrari T8 Turbo

Ferrari T8 Turbo has replaced the previous model of 488. You can hire this auto from rental companies to commute around in the city. Its engine efficiency is really awesome as you will be able to produce 710 hp along with 568 lb-ft with T8 Turbo when you ignite the 3.9-liter capacity twin-turbo engine.

This vehicle is ultra-fast in speed. You can drive this motor at the greatest speed of 211mph on the smoothest UAE tracks. Moreover, you will be very delighted to see the headlights, aero kit, body look, and taillights of this model which make this vehicle unique and luxurious from others.

Ferrari Portofino

Ferrari Portofino is an excellent successor of the California T model. You will be amazed to know the working of its headtop which is not only convertible but also retractable. If you are looking for an auto having an efficient V8 twin-turbo engine, you should choose this model as it provides the fuel-saving technology. You can rent this car from any professional Cheap Rent A Car Dubai company in Dubai.

Along with the large fuel capacity, this 홀덤사이트 car will efficiently work by producing a maximum power output of 600 hp and 651 lb-ft torque. You can also enjoy your journey while driving by watching fun shows on 10.2-inch display screens. Furthermore, you will feel very relaxed and comfortable in this vehicle due to adjustable seats.

Ferrari 488 Pista

Ferrari 488 is another latest model of Ferrari from its luxury special marque’s series. If you love to drive sports cars, you should definitely hire this vehicle from a car lease company during your long term Dubai vacations because this auto is not less than a sports car as it can roar and bark on the off-road track as well.

You know that this motor is not as much costly as many luxury services you will avail of this car. Its 3.9-liter great twin-turbo V8 engine works efficiently to produce the maximum output of 710 hp and 568 lb-ft power and torque respectively. While driving this auto, you will experience traveling in a smaller jet as it runs at a maximum speed of 211 mph.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

If you are going to spend vacations with your family in Dubai, Ferrari GTC4 Lusso will be a perfect match for you to travel around in Dubai as it can easily accommodate a family of 5 members. Its great engine capacity of 6.3 liters will allow you to explore even farthest areas without any stress about fuel.

Besides large capacity, its engine is a naturally aspirated V12 engine that runs so smoothly and efficiently by generating power and torque of 680 hp and 515 lb-ft respectively. You will love to drive this motor with four steering wheels at the fastest speed of 208 mph.

So, instead of hiring economic autos, you should hire any one of these luxury Ferrari motors from the car rental Dubai company for your commercial tour.