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The 10 Best Recreational marijuana dispensaries in the US

We’re back to shopping our favorite local dispensaries in the flesh and getting that wonderful experience of visiting lovely shops now that we seem to be on a relatively strong footing post-pandemic.


The marijuana masterminds behind all of your favorite products and businesses have been hard at work to bring you wider varieties, more brands, and record-setting THC percentiles, and sales haven’t slowed down.

Regarding dispensaries, the United States has a plethora of recreational marijuana shops in various areas. How can a cannabis enthusiast choose amongst so many options?

For those wondering, “What are the best cannabis dispensaries near me”, we noted it down for you by compiling a list of our top 10 favorite recreational cannabis shops in the United States.


Top 10 Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries in the USA


Below are some of the best cannabis dispensaries where you can buy CBD gummies, Delta 8 THC products, etc. (depending on the store).

#1. Green Dragon

This marijuana dispensary is one of the largest growing dispensary franchises situated in Colorado, USA. All their shops are tidy, clean, and have a fantastic vibe. You can find your way to the best-suited product with the help of knowledgeable staff. They provide different products such as vapes, concentrates, flowers, edibles, and pre-rolls. You can also find various merch in the stores.

#2. Simply Pure

Restock your cannabis products at this small business that makes your shopping experience blissful. This store includes a wide selection of products with cannabis grown locally, including flowers to brownies. You can also get pre-rolls and other cannabis products and get the benefits of several offers. The store has a classy look to it with a positive and friendly vibe.

#3. Native Roots

This store in Denver has been operating since 2010. They have accolades, a fanbase, and provide high-quality premium products. This cozy store always remains clean, showing their tidiness and dedication to efficiently presenting their store. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cannabis enthusiast, you will feel welcome at this place. You can find wax, rolls, Topicals, CBD oils, beverages, and other merch here. Even the staff is so friendly that they provide answers to all the queries properly.

#4. Harvest

From flowers and edibles to concentrates and topicals, Harvest offers it all. They are sourced from local growers and have a friendly staff. Their friendly staff answers most questions due to their expert knowledge of cannabis. This store has a trusting and transparent environment which makes you feel amazing.

#5. Cookies

Cookies are situated in Los Angeles and offer a wide variety of strains and products that come from iconic cultivators. This place is one of the best and most convenient shops for you. It’s because they also offer parking space along with a friendly staff. Hence, you can also visit the store in your car without worrying about parking.

#6. Tokyo Starfish

Tokyo Starfish is a dispensary in Oregon and one of the locals’ favorites. In addition, visitors like this down-to-earth shop with its friendly staff. Everyone here knows everyone and the staff are so good that they even remember your preferences. They pay full attention to the customers. Enjoy buying different types of cannabis products from this lovely shop.

#7. Lightshade

This dispensary is situated in Colorado and is in a total of 9 locations in the state. This friendly neighborhood cannabis dispensary provides the perfect products to suit your needs. Lightshade enables you to select from a plethora of products for recreational purposes and enjoy the store’s friendly vibes.

#8. Urban Leaf

This cannabis store is located in 3 different places in San Diego. You would love this go-to cannabis spot that has modern looks. With such exteriors, you may think it’s a high-end coffee shop. This place has a warm and friendly ambiance with a design that makes it appear attractive. This store is known for its professional treatment when talking about the staff and how they help you.

#9. Lux Pot Shop

This is a two-store chain situated in Seattle. You would love the cool looks of these neon-clad and brightly lit shops. In addition, they provide a warm, kind, welcoming experience as the friendly staff approach you. You can get an on-par selection of products in this store. Their high-functioning staff has all the crucial expertise in cannabis.

#10. Verde Natural

Situated on South Park hill, this store provides hand-grown plant cultivation products. You can try out different types of strains and other cannabis products. Their products have a mindful taste, having various flavors with extraordinary potency. Their items are affordable, even considering the premium quality they have.



These were some of the best cannabis dispensaries in the USA for recreational purposes. Hope this article helps you when you are thinking of “where can I find recreational marijuana dispensaries. Each store in this list is reliable, provides excellent quality products, and has a lovely atmosphere and staff.