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Who Benefits From The Slots Random Number Generator?

Slots attract millions of players in the UK and even more worldwide. This famous casino game has gone through a spike in popularity in the last couple of years. Some players hold on to their lucky charms while playing, thus inviting the lady luck to take a seat next to them


Others will look away from the screen when spinning slots or might repeat a lucky mantra while playing. People go different ways about becoming a winner in slots but it is important to know that ultimately, it all comes down to the RNG (random number generator). What is RNG and who benefits from it is revealed in this article.

Random number generator

The title speaks for itself. RNG is a system that determines outcomes of all casino games, not just slots. It is a computer program that selects a random number (or combinations of them) before each and every spin in slots. More precisely, it can make up new combinations of numbers several hundred, thousand or million times per second. These numbers determine the outcome of a spin, whether it’s a win or a loss.

The RNG will start from a “seed number” and use it to generate the next number, using a very complicated algorithm. This is the basis on which RNG works in all slots. Please note that no one can guess or know the next number in the line, unless they have the seed number and know the algorithm. The numbers generated by the RNG are totally random and will consist of thousands of digits. The amount of digits in the number will exceed 200’000, according to one source. This brings us to the conclusion that RNG generates completely random outcomes with each and every spin. This means that your chance to win or lose is accordingly random.

When you place a bet and spin the slots, the outcome of the spin will rely on the number that RNG created at the exact moment when you hit spin. Even if you were to pause for 1 second before hitting the button, that would result in a totally different outcome. The RNG is active even when the slot is idle, creating thousands upon thousands of new numbers.

Who benefits from RNG?

We think that it is only the player that benefits from RNG. The use of RNG tells us that essentially the slot is exactly what it claims to be – a completely random chance at winning. The RNG does not provide an edge for the casino, as it could drain someone’s wallet just much as it could pay out 2 jackpots in a row. The odds of paying out a jackpot are always the slimmest, it is the grand prize after all! But in theory, random outcome means anything can happen.

In practice, the RNG works exactly the way it should – it generates random outcomes. But please note, that in practice, the odds of winning big prizes are lower. A small win might be corresponded by a range of numbers the RNG can generate, while a progressive jackpot might be a sole and only combination, therefore making it more difficult to land the jackpot.

Nevertheless, RNG is what makes slots so exciting. You never know what’s around the corner when playing slots, but we hope it’s a win for you!