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Will Social Media Be Used Against Me in a Divorce and How to Protect Yourself from This

Social networks have penetrated all spheres of our life. Today it is not only a tool for communicating with those who are far from us, not only a way to keep in touch with friends and share current events, and even not only a powerful business assistant. It is also a powerful tool for surveillance, an inexhaustible source of personal data, and just an excellent evidence base for litigation.


Moreover, more and more often social networks cause divorces. But in addition to the fact that they can be the original root of evil in the family, they can also be used in the course of the trial in the case of divorce. In this article we want to answer one of the most urgent questions: can social networks be used against you in a divorce process?

About the Rule of Miranda in Its Modern Interpretation

Of course, you know it by heart. Cool guys from Hollywood action movies repeat it every time they detain a criminal. In short, the meaning of this rule is that your every action and word may be interpreted not in your favor. And if you transfer this rule to the plane of social networks, then it acts in a similar way – all your posts, photos, comments, and even likes can be used against you.

Yes, of course, social networks will not be considered as the only evidence – the lawyers of your soulmate will seek to collect the most powerful evidence base and will attract witnesses, will request your documents, and will be based on the information that your ex tells them. But they will never allow themselves to forget about social networks.

How Have You Already Disqualified Yourself with Your Own Hands

Do you know why social networks have become a powerful resource for finding the necessary evidence? Because users share personal information voluntarily. Nobody forces you to publish compromising photos or write posts – you do it yourself. And at the same time, give everyone who wants it the right to manage your personal information at their discretion. It’s like cutting your own throat.

And the most paradoxical thing is that you cannot be completely immune from the influence of your social profiles on divorce, even if you really have nothing to hide. The mere fact of your presence is already enough. And if toothy lawyers set themselves the goal of finding any data that will not speak in your favor – they will make every effort to do this. They will try to turn even seemingly neutral information upside down and turn it against you. Therefore, keep in mind – even a trifle can be decisive.

How to Protect Yourself from the Influence of Social Networks in a Divorce

But it would be wrong to dump on your head the whole truth about how social networks will be used against you, and not give advice on how to protect yourself as much as possible from this situation. Therefore, let’s deal with this issue.

  • Try not to write about the personal. Photos of your cat, children or flowers on the windowsill will do, but if you add a personal comment to them, for example, that you went to a nightclub while your husband or wife stayed home with the children, then this is the beginning of a compromising chain.
  • Do not write about your family life, even if you have no one else to tell about this. If you write about how you hate your husband or wife, how he turned your life into hell and the like, this can also be used against you. Who knows, maybe you yourself have brought the situation to the limit?
  • And in no case share with anyone the information that you hide from your husband or wife. Deception will be revealed in any case – do not even doubt it. But if you have already taken the dishonest path (even if you have found good excuses for yourself), do not facilitate the work of the lawyers of your second half.
  • The same goes for the divorce process itself. When you have already filled out documents for divorce, found ways to get divorce online, you still should not describe the whole process in detail. Especially it is not worth criticizing the judge, lawyers, and your ex. The maximum that you can say is that you want to get a cheap divorce using OnlineDivorcer and put an end to it.

One Universal Tip

It is possible to give only one most universal piece of advice on whether social networks can be used against you in a divorce. And it sounds very simple – stay honest and keep personal information with you. Any fraud will still be revealed, and this will not help facilitate the lawsuit. You will receive only additional problems and in some cases, even fines.