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15 Foods That Should Never Be Put in the Refrigerator


There is an interesting dynamic at play in the modern world, where some countries waste more food than they consume, while others are left to starve. In the US alone nearly 30 percent of available food supply went un-eaten in 2010, and the number keeps on rising. The problem doesn’t just stop at the grocery or retail store; food waste continues to be a problem at home, too. Sometimes you buy more produce than your family can consume, but chances are, MOST of the time you could be storing your food better–over 95% of food thrown away ends up in landfills. Of course, you can’t save every morsel of food; but you can eliminate the excess waste production, and if you’re already aware of the food situation at home you can donate any extra food before it spoils–everyone wins.

It may feel natural to put all foods in the fridge in order to keep them fresh for as long as possible but, in reality, some can actually spoil faster when placed in cool, damp environments. It’s crazy to think that a decision as simple as storing some food in the refrigerator can actually change the chemical compounds and nutritional value, but it’s true. Most of the time you can tell if something should be refrigerated by the way in which your grocer will arrange it, but sometimes it’s not so obvious.

The next 15 slides will give you information on what foods should never be refrigerated and WHY, as well as giving you some tips and tricks to not only keep your food fresh but also help you save a ton of money–all while saving the environment.