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5 Best GPS Navigators For Europe

Traveling in Europe offers us the opportunity not only to relax from everyday life but also guarantee many wonderful memories. After all, even on the road, you can get positive vibes simply by playing music, watching a movie, or activating a casino cashback bonus. To always get to your destination, we decided to test the best GPS navigators for Europe, so that every trip goes smoothly and without unnecessary mishaps.


Which are the best GPS navigators for Europe?

In new car models, we often have navigation already built-in when we buy them. However, we use GPS navigators not only while driving. It is a very useful device also when riding a unicycle.

When deciding to buy a GPS navigation device for Europe, everyone certainly pays attention to its:

  • size;
  • the quality of the display;
  • the brightness of the content displayed.

Very important, however, is the availability of up-to-date, accurate maps of Europe and the ability to update them later. Depending on the map, this accuracy can be as high as 1 meter, and in addition, there may be information useful during the trip, such as:

  • gas stations;
  • hotels;
  • restaurants;
  • and many others.

When buying a GPS navigator for Europe, it is also worth paying attention to the interface that is offered on the device and looking at its functionality and intuitiveness.

We can divide navigators into two groups, those adapted for cars and cyclists. We will try to show, using selected examples, the most important functions of devices offered by manufacturers and currently available on the market.

The best GPS car navigations Tom Tom Go Premium

Tom Tom Go Premium navigation is a novelty on the European market. This navigation has been equipped with a SIM card, thanks to which we have the ability not only to update maps of the entire world via Wi-Fi but also to send the route we have selected from another device.

Thanks to the MyDrive application and Internet access, the navigation displays up-to-date information about:

  • the situation on the road;
  • traffic jams;
  • nearest speed cameras.

Importantly, the navigation recognizes speech, handling it very well, so we can control it by voice, which increases our driving safety while traveling. The device has USB charging, so it is possible to operate it without a power supply for up to an hour.

Mio Spirit 7800 LM

Navigation from Mio is an option for people who want to purchase a GPS navigation device for their car at a low price. When you buy this device, you not only get a lifetime guarantee of map updates but also access to features that make it easier for you to find parking in the area, gas stations, museums, or hotels.

Thanks to the Find My Car system, all we have to do after parking is write down the location we are in, and when we need to return to the car again, we will receive directions with a detailed description of how to get there.

Also, the IQ Routes system allows you to get to your destination as quickly as possible thanks to real-time information downloaded from drivers about obstructions.

Vordon 7 Classic

The 7 – inch navigation device from Vordon is another car navigation proposal. The manufacturer has provided maps of Europe in this device, while it has also given the possibility to install other custom car maps.

With the ability to support games, such as non gamstop casinos uk 10 deposit, movies, or music, it can serve us as a source of entertainment during a stop. The device is equipped, like most of its competitors, with a traffic jam avoidance system and radar warning.

The best GPS bicycle navigations Mio Cyclo 605 HC

GPS navigation from Mio is an excellent product for any cyclist. With built-in maps of 38 countries and free lifetime updates, we can use this device for many years.

Interestingly, the application allows you to directly post the results of your cycling exploits on social media thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Mio navigation, in addition to additional functions, also has those most desired by users, i.e. measuring time, speed, distance and calories burned. The battery built into the device allows for 15 hours of uninterrupted operation.

Garmin Edge 520

This product is a counter with a GPS navigation function. When buying the Garmin Edge 520, we get a device with Garmin Cycle Map already uploaded. This application allows us to determine the route, and also informs us of the necessity to turn.

With the ability to connect the meter to your smartphone, we get a very interesting feature, which is communication with other participants in our rally.

The Trailforks app allows you to load trail maps from 80 countries without an internet connection. The device is capable of working for up to 15 hours during normal use.


Traveling on the roads of Europe becomes much more comfortable if you use GPS navigation. Choosing this device is a very important task that requires a serious approach. A good GPS navigator will allow you not only to get to your destination but also to enjoy a comfortable trip.