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5 Proven Email Marketing Methods to Get More Leads


Survival and market stability of online businesses largely depend on the continuous inflow of customers. Creating a benefitting pool of customers and brand supporters is hence, a requirement.


Approaching the right leads and converting them into loyal customers can be tricky at times. This is where a strong lead generation strategy comes into play. Email marketing is a reliable and cost-effective choice in this regard. The following article talks about some of the most preferred email marketing techniques for lead generation and sales boosting.

Best Email Marketing Strategies for Accelerated Lead Generation

Use Lead Scoring for Effort Optimization

Lead scoring is a smart way of channelizing your customer base. The technique helps you to prioritize potential leads by selective sorting. This makes sure that you have a set of qualified leads that will access and read your emails with genuine interest.

You can use the email automation technique to score the available leads. The software market brings a host of advanced automation programs for lead scoring. The technique is beneficial in converting leads into customers, along with attracting new visitors to your product site.

Design Concise and Clean Emails

Clarity and conciseness are a must while creating target emails for creating a leads database. Too short emails fail to convey the exact message. Extensive ones, on the other hand, are an annoying distraction from the main content.

Taking the middle path, you should focus on creating clean and to-the-point messages that can state your word in the exact sense. Use a simple design and present the content in a plain and legible font. Take care of text formatting, and don’t forget to highlight important information.

Add a visible call-to-action button at the end for encouraging viewers to take immediate action. Take care of proper placement in line with different screen sizes, especially modern-day mobile devices.

Use Attention Grabbing Subject Lines

If you want to attract genuine leads for increased sales, it is important to use catchy and attractive subject lines. A compelling email heading infuses curiosity and urgency among the viewers to click on and read your message.

You can be a little creative with the subject line by using different font styles and emojis, etc. This can go a long way in increasing the mail opening rates, which consequently leads to accelerated customer conversion. It’s important to highlight that a good web design will help convert leads.

You can use inquisitive lines with relevant question tags that can direct your viewers to look for the answer. Remember, an appealing subject line can bring a visible difference in the lead generation statistics of your email campaign.

Include a Strong Call-to-Action

Your targeted email should always have a compelling call to action that encourages the readers to respond immediately. A strong CTA attracts your leads toward becoming profitable customers. You can use creative language with some directive statements to create interesting CTAs.

Try to include the elements of curiosity, excitement, urgency, and mystery in your emails. These elements make it hard for the readers to ignore your message. They are hence, directed to act, and your conversion rates are likely to shoot up. Here is where premium email marketing services will come into play. They offer access to a slew of features that make it easier to capitalize on leads.

You can add action-centered text, like ‘Reserve Your Spot’, ‘Get the Discount’, etc. The use of response-demanding phrases like, ‘3 Spots Left’, ‘Shop Now!’, etc., is also beneficial. Make sure that your CTAs are short and clear, with a maximum of 2-3 words.


Utilize Gated Content and Content Updates

Leveraging your important information into an email collection tool is a strong and benefitting lead generation tactic. You can use gated content and employ frequent updates to work through the concern.

Gated content is accessible to visitors only when they furnish their contact information. This can be used as a content upgrade strategy to encourage viewers to an email subscription in a non-invasive manner.

You can direct the readers to download relevant articles, eBooks, etc., from your site after viewing the main content. Such content upgrades promote lead generation due to their relevancy and contextual characteristics.