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Best Managed Service Providers You Should Know in 2021

For any business operating in the digital environment, an IT team holds a critical position and value. With the advent of remote work culture, the significance of an IT team has become more prominent. An IT team is responsible for managing all the technical processes that include software development, device management, IT support services, security, IT consulting services, and more. There is a significant importance of cybersecurity in business. There should be a stringent approach towards securing the data and the premises of an online business. For this, an IT team should be there.


Managed IT services providers or MSP helps you fill up the gap and make sure that all the IKt resources are fully utilized. The need for an MSP has become very important to operate the related processes very efficiently.

What is an MSP?

A managed services provider (MSP) is a third-party company that helps businesses provide services for their IT team management. You can hire MSP to manage the multiple operations of your organization that vary from IT support to human resource management and accounting to supply chain management.

The third-party companies take full responsibility for all your operational management and provide services for the critical functions of your organization. Instead of hiring full-time employees, you can outsource the functions to an IT team that becomes very efficient and cost-effective instead of managing an in-house team. An MSP has expertise in IT professional services and manages a team of talented software engineers and IT support services providers to manage the online IT-related operations of your business efficiently.

Benefits of hiring a Managed IT Service Provider

There are several benefits of hiring a dedicated team of managed IT services providers.

  • Services from the team of MSP turn out to be very cost-effective as compared to the in-house It staff.
  • MSP charges a flat monthly fee that makes it easy for businesses to draw a budget.
  • Businesses can save the cost of both tools and technology as MSP handles all the responsibilities on its own.
  • They have access to the advanced technology stacks and cybersecurity tools that ensure strong security over your business with best practices.
  • You can focus on the core business value by outsourcing services to the MSPs.

Best Managed Services Providers 2021

Below are some best-managed services providers 2021 to whom you can outsource your software project.


Baires Dev Managed Service Provider specializes in the development of advanced software projects. If you want to develop a full-fledged software product or website, they will help you throughout the project. They have a team of experts that provide you enhanced services. They make sure to incorporate all the requirements of your software and come up with all-in-one solutions as you were expecting.

Navisite Services

Navisite is a modern managed cloud service provider. It focuses on accelerating the enhanced It transformation by boosting up the trend of digitization of brands all across the world. They have proven themselves in providing the best solutions based on a platform-agnostic approach. Its services are availed by the top brands of the world and always look forward to bringing capable solutions for the businesses.


TechMD offers enhanced cloud solutions, managed IT services, cybersecurity solutions, and IT consulting services to both small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). They make an easy transition to the cloud environment and ensure customized cloud services for businesses.


Magna5 is a nationwide provider of managed IT services to a wide range of industries all across the world. They provide 24/7 support to their customers and are known to be the best solution providers when it comes to enterprise services.


Sugar Shot is a Managed Service Provider based in Los Angeles. They provide an array of services from IT audits and compliance to cybersecurity and staff augmentation to IT support. They have a team of experts to provide you enhanced IT-related services that your business needs. They consider all the important requirements of your business and give you customized solutions according to your expectations.