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Designing The World Of The Meta-Universe


Imagine a virtual world where people live, work, travel and communicate with each other from any comfortable place in the physical world – that is the metaverse. It is believed to be the next evolution of the Internet, which will change many aspects, such as online communities, gaming, meetings, leisure, etc. But what does the metaverse look like and what transformations does it bring?


How the meta-universe can change our world

The idea of the metaverse is not new as it was first described in 1992 in the novel “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson. It meant a digital world that exists in parallel to the physical world. Nowadays the metaverse is a set of virtual worlds where users meet, play games and buy different things.  In the metaverse people use an avatar as an identifier in order to communicate with each other and form the community. To get inside the metaverse you need a screen and a VR headset. From the first sight it might look really empty, so you need to decide where to go and what to do as there are no guidelines to give you a destination.

Even though the metaverse is still developing, it is obviously the one to change the world. Here are the areas of its impact:

  • Entertainment. During the COVID pandemic most of the offline entertainments have been put on a pause. But with the help of digital platforms most of the events were brought to the virtual world. Now you can choose any place for amusement, such as the best reliable online casino, digital concert, cinema or a theme park.
  • Travelling. If you are addicted to travelling or if you have never travelled before, the metaverse will give you a chance to travel anywhere and meet new people. And you won’t be limited in time and place. Or maybe business trips? Easy! To pay for trips and services you will need cryptocurrency.
  • Money. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that will replace physical currency. It is the most convenient way of exchanging currencies for goods and services. It will also be the number one payment method for fastest payout online casino NZ.
  • Shopping. In the metaverse shopping becomes fast and super easy. Your avatar will try on the items you like and they will be delivered to your physical address.  Or if you need to choose furniture for your home, you can see how it looks like in your digital reality before buying it.
  • Work. Employees might be in the same company but spread around the globe. In the metaverse they will be able to meet up for more productive work than just Skype or Zoom conferences. This technology will bring many perks in building strong teams inside the company.
  • Education. The metaverse opens so many possibilities for students to choose any virtual university classes they are interested in. In addition, you can even enter a particular time period to get an immersive experience. Say “no” to boring lectures.

Why is it important to keep up now?

The metaverse is an evolution of the Internet and the way people interact with each other. According to the possible influence mentioned above it is essential to discuss the importance of the metaverse. Overall, the metaverse is a created environment for online interactions so that everyone feels comfortable. This environment has its economy with cryptocurrency and NFT. It allows to purchase and sell goods and services regardless of location. As a result, companies gain an additional source of income. You can read more about the perspectives of the metaverse here.

Blockchain games. Is there a future in this?

Blockchain games are the games created with blockchain technology or placed on the blockchain. Blockchain technology is about to affect the global gaming business because of its size and global availability. And there are some points that prove that blockchain games is the future:

  • Public blockchains are open to everyone. If you have a smartphone and Internet connection, you can easily join in. Moreover, you can also earn money. This will lead to more people involved in crypto- and blockchain-based games.
  • Blockchains are the next level in the evolution of open-source software. Low entrance barriers encourage competition
  • Anyone can build on blockchain systems. Players can bring their resources and change games quickly. There is no need to own a gaming platform to participate.

Gambling. What does the future hold for them in the future?

Gambling industry has gained various transformations over the past decades due to tremendous technological progress.

Many online platforms have started accepting cryptocurrency and the trend of its use will continue. Cryptocurrency offers security and anonymity that attract players.

Virtual reality is definitely a long-lasting trend in gambling as it provides an immersive playing experience. And it’s so easy to gamble from the comfort of your home without losing the casino atmosphere.

Another nuisance is placing bets with your smartwatch. It is believed that the smartwatch industry will continue its growth in the future. That is why game developers are creating games to be easily integrated into all devices.


To sum up, the metaverse is a number of interconnected systems with its rules and opportunities. It is created to break all the geographical boundaries and to connect all the aspects of people’s lives. However there are still discussions whether the metaverse will fully exist or it will replace real life. So far the idea looks very exciting and only time will show where this road goes.