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Digital Asset Management Platform – Importance And Benefits For Four Company

How did your company or organization secure digital assets using digital asset management tools? Is your answer no, what are the limitations?


I want to ask you a few questions before we jump into the body of the article.

Do you find it hard to find specific content in your company’s shared drive because the files there are so many and not organized?

Is your marketing department prone to posting outdated or incorrect company photos or videos?

Getting a digital asset management software to manage your digital assets could be the best solution if you answered yes to any of the above questions.

While there are many more reasons why digital asset management is beneficial to your business, here are a few more.

Accordingly, this article will tell you why it is important to use a digital asset management platform and why you should.

What is a Digital Asset Platform?

Digital asset platforms, also known as digital asset software, enable organizations to manage, store, organize, discover, retrieve, and share data from a single point of access. The platform can be used for collaboration and file sharing. This function can be performed by platforms that enable the management of digital assets on one central site. Thus, this reduces the backlogs of work that result from high levels of traffic

Why is digital asset management platform important?

Digital asset management platforms are necessary for many reasons. Let’s examine the major ones.

Asset protection

By using the best digital asset management system (Daminion), you can secure your company’s digital assets so that stakeholders only gain access to content meant for them.

Moreover, the DAM’s reporting tool and file logging system allow you to track each person who accesses a file.

You are exposing your digital assets to many dangers when you operate your enterprise’s digital assets without a digital asset management software.

Improper or illegal use of assets

Digital asset management platform will prevent your organization from spending assets in an inappropriate or illegal manner.

Generally, your team members will make this type of mistake unaware that not all files need to be made public.

A control system for access rights

Your organization can manage access rights to digital assets with Daminion digital asset management software, so they remain secure.

Moreover, DAM tools allow you to assign permissions and roles to a content manager to control who is given access to assets.

Further, you can control how users receive assets from a central database using digital asset management master data platform.

Quickly locate information

Your employees will be able to locate assets quickly and efficiently with digital asset management software instead of having to search too deeply for them.

Having a poorly managed file system will result in staff wasting valuable time searching through emails and chats in search of brand marketing materials.

As a result, your staff is likely to abandon their daily tasks, and therefore no billable work can be done.

What are the benefits of digital asset management platform?

A good DAM platform is crucial to the business productivity of several people and departments.

Advertising and design professionals

It is not unusual for web designers and advertising creatives to work with multiple clients across different industries, which could greatly increase data retrieval risks.

It is common to deliver the wrong file. Creatives, on the other hand, may have difficulty retrieving files since they are serving many clients at once.

This is part of the problem digital asset management tools have come to solve.

To eliminate the risk of errors, your creatives can better organize client files and folders using a good DAM platform such as Daminion.

Coordination of sales and marketing teams

The marketing team and the sales team should work together in any business organization. Thus, if they’re collaborating, they should be sharing assets with each other.

It is common for the sales team to maintain an asset library while the marketing team does as well.

Nowadays, marketing and sales teams are working remote across countries, and when this happens, a number of issues can arise.

If your organization is looking to be more efficient, and be consistent with brand design, both departments should have access to a central master database.

Additionally, this will help bridge the communication and sharing gaps between the two departments.

Additionally, if both departments have access to the company’s digital assets, you will see an increase in revenue.

Ingenieurs and Architects

You need a good DAM platform for engineers and architects who regularly work on sizable BIM, CAD, and 3D vision projects.

You can store your 3ds Max, Rhino, and AutoCAD files with Daminion’s digital asset management platform.

Agencies that provide websites

Media and publishing departments have too many clients and too many files. Web agencies have the same problem.